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Advantages and disadvantages of electric hammer

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-25
Power tools are a low-value consumable, so power tools such as electric hammers are more popular. Do you know what kind of hammer is good? The following introduces the advantages and disadvantages, working principle and what characteristics of a good hammer.    1. Advantages and disadvantages of electric hammer The advantages of    hammer are high efficiency, large hole diameter and long drilling depth.    Disadvantages of electric hammer: The disadvantage is that the vibration is large, which has a certain degree of damage to surrounding structures. Reinforcement in the concrete structure cannot be passed smoothly, and due to the scope of work, it cannot be too close to the building.    2. Working principle of electric hammer   The principle of electric hammer is that the transmission mechanism drives the drill bit to make a rotary motion, and there is also a reciprocating hammering motion in a direction perpendicular to the rotary head. The electric hammer drives the piston to reciprocate compressed air in a cylinder by the transmission mechanism. The periodic change of the air pressure in the cylinder drives the hammer in the cylinder to reciprocate against the top of the brick. It seems that we hit the brick with a hammer, so it is called an electric hammer.    3. What kind of hammer is good?   What are the characteristics of a good electric hammer: 1. Accurate speed control switch: When the switch is touched, the speed is low, which can help the machine to start drilling smoothly (for example, drilling on a smooth surface such as ceramic tiles, which can not only prevent the drill bit from slipping, but also prevent the drill hole from breaking. Normal work High speed can be used to ensure work efficiency.    2. Stable and reliable safety clutch: also known as torque limiting clutch, to avoid the transmission of large torque reaction force caused by the stuck bit of the drill to the user during use, which is a safety protection for the user. This feature also prevents the gear unit and motor from stopping. 3. Positive and negative rotation function: It can make the application range of the electric hammer more extensive, and its realization form is mainly realized by switching or adjusting the position of the carbon brush. Usually, big-name tools will be realized by adjusting the position of the carbon brush (rotating the brush holder). The advantage of doing it is that it is easy to operate, effectively suppress sparks to protect the commutator, and extend the service life of the motor.    4. Good shock absorption system: it can make the operator comfortable to hold and relieve fatigue. Realization way: through the 'vibration control system'; through the soft rubber handle to increase the grip comfort. 5. Comprehensive motor protection device: During use, it is inevitable that granular hard objects will enter the machine (especially drilling the machine upwards, such as drilling the top of the wall), if the motor does not have certain protection, rotate at high speed It is easy to break or scratch the enameled wire with hard objects, which will eventually lead to the failure of the motor.
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