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Air compressor and tire inflation pump

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-03
What is an air compressor? Air compressors convert electrical energy generated by batteries or engines into potential energy and store it as compressed air. When using this compressed air, the stored energy is converted into kinetic energy. Kinetic energy can be used to do various things, such as filling cylinders, tires or power tools, such as jackhammers. Do not confuse air compressor with air pump. An air pump can move air from one place to another without being pressurized, for example, when you are on an inflatable mattress. Air compressor anatomy These are the basic components of the most common air pumps: piston The crankshaft is driven by an electric motor or engine. In turn, the force from the crankshaft moves the piston and the piston compresses the air. This allows air to be delivered to the nozzle under high pressure. gas tank Most air compressors will also be equipped with an air storage tank. The air tank keeps the air within a certain pressure range. The compressed air in the gas tank can be used to power your tools. As the air in the storage tank runs out, the pressure will decrease. This will send a signal to the motor to automatically open again, thereby keeping the pressure in the tank constant. When the required pressure is reached, the motor will be turned off. Pressure gauge The pressure gauge will tell you the pressure. The pressure gauge can be digital, so it is easy to read the pressure level of the gas. However, if you have a similar analog gauge, then you know when to stop the air compressor. Some air compressors say they have high psi. This does not mean more power. High psi only tells you that your pressure gauge can measure high psi, not as large as it can inflate. Therefore, if you need to inflate something (such as a road bike) to 120 psi, you need a meter that can display this high reading. What is a tire inflation pump? A tire air pump is a special type of air compressor used to inflate car tires. The use of compressed gas eliminates the need for vigorous pumping to fill the tire to the proper pressure. The tire inflator can have various shapes and sizes. Some small air pumps can be easily installed in the trunk of the car, which is very useful in emergency situations. Now some electric air pumps have a built-in rechargeable battery, so that you can directly inflate the tires without holding the cigarette lighter wiring. Very convenient. Larger on-board air pumps may not be suitable for cars because they take up space, but they can reliably inflate tires at a faster speed.
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