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Any Cordless Drills Made In the USA And Are They Better?

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-18
German and Japanese cordless drills have perceptibly led the market quite well with their range and good quality drills. But when it comes down to American made cordless drills, then Milwaukee makes a really good stand against these top competing companies that make cordless drills. Milwaukee is reliable to promise you a good quality cordless drill, but when you search for other American brands then it starts to become harder to find. It is natural that customers would want to use a cordless drill that serves their purpose easily and is not too costly. Another company that even has some workshops in the United States is DeWalt. However, no matter how thoroughly you search for various cordless drill reviews, you will be led to the fact that the Japanese brands like Makita or Panasonic have clear lead in the industry. There are some big factors that every customer looks for when choosing cordless drills for their household maintenance: Batteries The only weakness of a cordless drill is that they run on batteries which eventually have to be replaced by one that is charged. A good life of the battery along with a good type of battery like Lithium Ion is what people love to see. For usual easy and heavy household needs, you would be better off with an 18v cordless drill. You can go for lower power variety too because most often you will be using them to fasten screws than drilling holes. Plus if you have one that is of 9v or 14v, it will be lighter and have longer battery life. A good high end choice for this can be from a range of Makita cordless drills or the higher end Panasonic drills for professionals to get the best power out of your budget. Value for money Some brands have made their way as excellent value for money variety of cordless drills and one of these is the Makita BDF452HW model. This has excellent power with a balance of reasonable battery life to do the most difficult jobs at home. Their design is intuitive and balanced from both ends so that you can aim it better. Other qualities include: 1.Lithium Ion battery 2.Good handles with rubber grip 3.16 levels of positioning the chuck 4.Durable with casing 5.LED work light For a slightly lower end but good value for money choice is the Makita BDF452 for household need. American brands have not made much advantage out of this factor, however there are some DeWalt models that are still good value for money but heavier to handle. Under these popular factors the cordless drills that are made my American companies or assembled in America still do not come as the best choices but there are some which are still much better than the average drills that you will find. You will need to do some research checking out cordless drill reviews online to be sure which model you need because not all Makita cordless drills are the best and some Dewalt or Milwaukee cordless drills are better in some purposes. But if you need to make a safe decision without worrying about making a bad choice for cordless drills then you can straight off head for the best seller models like the Makita BDF452HW.
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