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Basic requirements for electric angle grinder

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-01
This article is suitable for manufacturers of AC and DC single-phase series angle grinders that use fiber-reinforced grinding wheels for grinding under general environmental conditions.

Basic requirements for enterprises

One, design and development

The front and rear bearing parts of the rotor should be designed with dust-proof structure, and the self-locking hole and mating surface of the gear box should be designed with anti-leakage structure.

2. Raw material parts

1. The tensile strength of the shield steel should not be less than 215N/mm2.

2. The plastic casing should be made of materials with flame-retardant grade UL94-HB and above.

3. The insulating materials of slot insulation, shaft insulation, and end plates should use flame retardant grade UL94-HB and above, and temperature resistance grade 130 or above.

3. Process and equipment

1. The die-casting process should adopt clean energy and high-efficiency heating technology, and should have automated equipment with centralized melting and heat preservation devices.

2. The molding process of die-casting and injection molding should adopt automatic control equipment.

3. The surface spraying process of parts and components should be carried out in a closed environment with automatic spraying equipment.

4. The machining process of complex die castings should use CNC milling machine with tool magazine.

5. The deburring process of die-casting parts should use special trimming die.

6. The motor core should be continuously stamped and laminated using a high-speed punch and a progressive die; the motor winding should use an automatic winding machine; the commutator spot welding should use an automatic spot welding machine; the rotor balance should use an automatic balancing machine Processing.

7. When the product is assembled, all the coordination with precision requirements should be assisted by clamps and pneumatic (or hydraulic) equipment.

Four, inspection and testing

1. It should have the inspection and inspection capabilities to measure the size, shape, and relative position of complex parts, such as the configuration of three-coordinate precision measuring instrument, projector, pneumatic measuring instrument, roundness measuring instrument, gear comprehensive measuring instrument.

2. It should have the ability to test and verify items such as temperature rise, motor characteristic curve, automatic load durability, and electromagnetic compatibility.

Five, quality commitment

1. Within 6 months from the date of purchase by the user, the manufacturer shall repair or replace it free of charge if it is damaged or cannot work normally due to poor manufacturing quality.

2. If the user has a request, he should respond within 12 hours.
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