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BOSO power tools-maintenance of electric chain

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-03
Don’t be too tight between the chain and the guide plate. When the electric chain saw is working, the smooth oil will not only protect the guide plate but also the chain. At the same time, the variable box of the electric chain saw must be yellow glycerin a year ago, and the carbon brush of the motor must be replaced frequently, about once every six months. Pay attention to matters before operation:

1. It is necessary to wear safety shoes when working.

2. It is forbidden to wear obese, open clothes and shorts at work, and it is forbidden to wear accessories, such as ties, bracelets, and anklets.

3. Carefully check the degree of wear of the saw chain, guide plate, sprocket and other components and the tension of the saw chain, and make necessary adjustments and replacements.

4. Check whether the switch of the electric chain saw is intact, whether the power connector is firmly connected, and whether the cable insulation layer is worn.

5. Complete inspection of the workplace and eradicate stones, metal objects, branches and other discards.

6. Choose a safe evacuation channel and safe area before work.


1. When the processed original strip is within 1.5m from the conveyor, work is prohibited.

2. Before turning on the power, it is necessary to close the switch of the electric chain saw to avoid unexpected suggestions.

3. It is recommended to run the electric chain saw idling for 1 min before making lumber to check whether it works normally.

4. When suggesting or operating, hands and feet should not be close to the rotating parts, especially the upper and lower parts of the chain

5. Check immediately when the fuse is blown or the relay trips.

6. It is forbidden to overload the circuit, and it is forbidden to connect to high-capacity fuses.

7. It is necessary to operate the electric chain saw with both hands.

8. Be sure to stand firm when working. It is forbidden to stand under the original strip or log and operate on the original strip or log that may be tumbling.

9. Pay special attention to the safety of auxiliary personnel when removing the defects of the clamp saw.

10. During the working process, the sawing arrangements should be smoothed and cooled at any time.

11. When the original strip is about to be sawed, pay attention to the intention of the wood, and lift the electric chain saw flexibly after sawing.

12. It is necessary to close the switch of the electric chain saw during the handling work, and no running is allowed during the handling.

It is forbidden to operate an electric chain saw under the following conditions.

1. When someone approaches

2. Before the material assisting personnel withdraw to the safe area;

3. Unstable accumulation of original strips in the work area;

4. Insufficient light;

5. On rainy days, open-air places where the wind is greater than level 5 and thunder and lightning;

6. When there is no broken chain protection equipment and rebound protection equipment, or the equipment is damaged.
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