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BOSO power tools teach you the precautions for

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-08
According to the influence of summer climate characteristics on the production and operation of electric tools, in order to ensure the smooth progress of maintenance work under summer weather conditions, the following precautions are especially emphasized:

  1. Each team should strengthen the daily inspection of power tools (wire, ground, power cord, oxygen, acetylene belt) should be intact.

  2, try to avoid outdoor high-altitude operations and welding operations under rainy or humid weather conditions. If there are special circumstances, you must obtain the approval of the safety department or the chief engineer and take reliable safety measures before performing the above operations.

  3. When walking to and from get off work on rainy days, each team should emphasize traffic safety.

  4. The staff on duty in the workshop should work part-time for flood prevention, accept the unified command of the factory or the duty supervisor under emergency conditions, and participate in the flood prevention and rescue work organized by the factory.

  5. The flood prevention tools, materials, and facilities configured in the workshop are stored at designated locations, and each employee is notified, and at the same time, the staff on duty is arranged to be handed over to ensure that they can be used normally
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