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Can bicycle pumps add gas to cars?

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-03
In the use of cars, it is inevitable to encounter problems with tires. In many cases, it is slow to let out gas. When we drive, we feel that the tire pressure is seriously insufficient, and there are no auto repair stores around. The spare tire will not be replaced by itself. If you only find one at the roadside repair stall Do you think you can add air pressure to car tires? The tires are flat. Many people are not equipped with an air pump. Generally speaking, you can only find a tire auto repair shop. If you can't find a repair shop in the surrounding area, but the hardware store next to you finds a pump. Can a bicycle pump pump up car tires? Let me first talk about whether this valve can be matched. There are two types of mainstream valves, one is American and the other is French. Domestic car valves are American-style, and they are the same as those of ordinary household bicycles. So, bicycle pumps can perfectly match car valves. Then we try to blow the tire pressure back with a pump. No matter what tool we use to inflate, we must make sure to add the standard tire pressure. The standard tire pressure of the car is generally marked in two places on the car, one is the fuel tank Inside the cover, you can see it by opening the fuel tank cover. There is another way, you can see it by opening the door under the B-pillar. First, connect the valve of the pump to the valve of the car. Make sure that there is no air leakage. You can start pumping. It is a little bit more tiring than starting a bike. As the air pressure increases, you obviously feel the strength you need. We are getting bigger and bigger, then we will continue to fight, and finally we need to press down the whole body in order to finish the action. At this time, you can drive to a nearby repair shop as soon as possible to check the cause of tire run flat. Manually inflating car tires is an individual effort for gay men. It is basically an impossible task for lesbians. Don’t try it as soon as possible, so here Brother Kun recommends that you learn how to change your vehicle’s spare tire. In case of special circumstances, it can be dealt with if there is no repair shop nearby. Another thing is that the car is equipped with an electric air pump. If the tire pressure is not running so fast, the method of using supplemental gas can also be emergency to the repair shop. Technology is developing and people’s hands-on ability is also declining. It is normal for many people to not replace spare tires. Even if you will replace spare tires, there are some models that have not disassembled tires for a long time due to design problems. This tire is It is difficult to dismantle it and cannot be replaced at all, so now the essential items in our car need to be equipped with an electric air pump in addition to a tripod and a fire extinguisher.
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