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Can electric drills drill, electric hammers can

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-18
Many novices will be confused when they first choose a power tool. They can't tell the difference between electric drills and electric hammers, and they can't figure out what materials these electric tools can drill. They even think that as long as they can be drilled with electric drills, electric hammers will do. Drill. Generally speaking, electric drills that can be accessed by daily users can be roughly divided into three categories: Ordinary electric drill Mainly used for drilling and screwing. Power modes include wired electric drills using commercial power and radio drills using battery power. Additional functions include adjustable speed and shock function. Pay special attention to the last sentence, specifically referring to the impact file attached to some electric screwdrivers (electric drills). This 'impact function' is actually not very practical, so it is still included in this category, and the concentricity of this type of electric drill It is slightly inferior to the ordinary electric drill without 'impact function'. Impact drill The power of this type of electric drill is larger than that of ordinary electric drills. Generally, the beating gear function or ball on the inner shaft is used to realize the beating impact function, which can deal with brittle materials other than reinforced concrete and other strong materials. Some impact drills can also be used to cancel the impact function by dialing overhead pins to achieve the function of ordinary electric drills. But in general, the concentricity is inferior to ordinary electric drills. The power mode also has commercial power and battery power, but generally the wired power is larger, which is more suitable for high-intensity operations. This article specifically refers to the state of using its impact function. Electric hammer The big killer for dealing with reinforced concrete and granite (as mentioned above, this article refers to daily applications, and the pneumatic picks in the professional field are not included here). The electric hammer has a pneumatic hammering mechanism, which uses the piston movement to compress the gas and drive the drill to hammer, which can efficiently drill holes in hard materials. The power mode also has commercial power and battery power, but the wired power is greater and it is more suitable for high-intensity operations.
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