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Car inflator maintenance is easy

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-03
Car on-board air pumps are also called air pumps, air pumps, and air pumps. The motor runs to run the motor. When pumping, the valve of the connector is flushed by the atmospheric pressure, the gas enters the air cylinder, and when pumping into the tire, the valve Closed by the air pressure in the cylinder, the gas enters the tire. It can also be considered to use the principle of atmospheric pressure to inflate with cars, rubber balls, and rubber boats. The characteristics are as follows: 1. High output pressure: the pressure can reach 560Mpa 2. Wide range of use: the working medium can be hydraulic oil. Water and most chemically corrosive liquids, and it has high reliability and long maintenance-free life. 3. Wide output range: all models of pumps can work smoothly with only a small air pressure. At this time, a small flow rate can be obtained, and different flow rates can be obtained after adjusting the intake air amount. 4. Flexible application: choose different types of pumps to obtain different pressure areas. 5. Easy to adjust: Within the pressure range of the pump, adjust the regulating valve to adjust the intake pressure, and the output hydraulic pressure will be adjusted accordingly. 6. Automatic pressure holding: no matter what causes the pressure of the pressure holding circuit to drop, it will automatically start to supplement the leakage pressure and keep the circuit pressure constant. 7. Operational safety: It is driven by gas, without arc and spark, and can be used in dangerous places. 8. Simple maintenance: Compared with other air-driven pumps, the booster pump can accomplish the same work, but its parts and seals are few, and maintenance is simple. 9. High cost performance: The booster pump is a plunger pump, and the booster pump reciprocates rapidly during operation.
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