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Characteristics and precautions of automobile

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-04
product features 1. Adopt direct-drive powerful large motor, no gear friction noise, complete inflation in a short time. 2. Steel machine, super pressure, super durability, guarantee continuous inflation; use stainless steel air tight valve, high quality output air pressure. 3. Super long 5m power cord, high-quality high-pressure air pipe (with copper joint). 4. With a full set of inflatable air nozzles, it is suitable for tires, rubber boats, air cushions, inflatable toys, ball inflation and other various uses. 5. Oil-free design, clean and environmentally friendly. Equipped with over-current anti-impact insurance film to ensure safe use. 6. High quality, small size, easy to carry and store. Precautions: 1. Please start the car engine when using it to enhance the power and not to consume the car battery power. 2. This product cannot be used to inflate tires of large and heavy vehicles, such as trucks, trucks, and buses. 3. This machine can only use DC 12V 14A power supply. If you want to use AC power, you must add a transformer. 4. Do not use it more than usual, that is to inflate multiple tires continuously. It is recommended not to inflate more than 2 tires at a time. Otherwise it will cause the machine to overheat and burn out the internal parts.
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