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Choose and use power tools

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-04
Hand-held electric tools used by electricians are used in harsh environments, which require constant movement, high vibration and high noise during use. The power cord is easily damaged by external forces such as delay, resistance, or mechanical kneading, resulting in personal electric shock. To reduce incidents, hand-held electric tools should be used accurately. Application method

1. It must be carefully inspected before use, the appearance is not damaged, the switching action is not jammed, the power lead and the shell of the electric device. Use a 500V megohmmeter to measure the resistance value between the winding and the casing and not less than 0.5 megohm. See the attached table for the resistance value.

2. The maintenance grounding wire of the hand-held electric tool in the metal shell. The power lead is a multi-core soft rubber sheathed cable, and both ends of the grounding maintenance wire should be connected firmly.

3. Hand-held electric things should be used by professional personnel with knowledge. Relevant operating procedures should be strictly observed during operation.

4. Check the electrical maintenance equipment and mechanical maintenance equipment before use. Its use should be normal. Also note that some of its scrolling is not jam-free.

5. When using Class I hand-held electric things, the user should wear compliant articles and set up qualified appliances. And adopt corresponding maintenance methods in accordance with the rules, such as equipment leakage maintainers in the power circuit.

When using Class II hand-held electric tools in humid and narrow places, the leakage switch should be installed. The operating current of the electric switch is less than 1.5mA, and the action time is less than or equal to 0.1 second. And the leakage switch should be placed in the container and supervised by a dedicated person.

6. Operation hazards of using hand-held electric tools. The arm vibration caused by long-term manual vibration operation is

Common methods of operation include: maintaining and conserving things in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer’s operating instructions; when you can rotate different things, use the operating methods that generate lower vibrations as much as possible; reduce the amount of things in the hands of the operator Cold gas and liquid around; if possible, in cold conditions, the operating handle of things should be heated; should reduce the use of things in the contact area whose handle shape exerts higher pressure on the skin; when you can choose, you should choose to request Things with low contact pressure (holding force and feed force); use shock-absorbing gloves; when operating, wear gloves to reduce hearing damage.
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