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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of electric

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-17
1. The motor does not run after the hammer is connected Causes: 1. The power supply was cut off. 2. The connector is loose. 3. The switch has poor contact or no action. 4. Armature or stator coil burned out. 5. The stator coil is broken. 6. The brush is used up. Remedy: 1. Repair the power supply. 2. Check all connectors. 3. Repair or replace the switch. 4. Replace the armature or stator coil. 5. If it is broken at the outlet, it can be used after re-welding, otherwise it must be rewound. 6. Replace a pair of brushes. 2. Abnormal calls occur after the hammer is connected to electricity and do not rotate or rotate very slowly 1. The switch contact is burnt out. 2. The mechanical part is stuck or the dynamic and static parts are rubbed together. 3. The bit bit or touches the steel bar. 4. Special nuts are loose. 5. A small amount of short circuit or open circuit of the armature. 6. Chips get stuck when drilling deep holes. 7. Low power supply voltage. Remedy: 1. Repair or replace the switch. 2. Check the mechanical part. 3. Stop advancing or select another drilling position. 4. Tighten the special nut. 5. Repair or replace the armature. 6. Pull out the drill bit to remove the chips. 7. Adjust the power supply voltage. 3. The motor rotates without the impact of the drill bit or the impact force is weakened Causes: 1. Dust and impurities in the piston rotating sleeve block the gas eyes. 2. The O-ring on the impact piston is damaged or worn. Remedy: 1. Clean the mechanical parts and clear the air eyes. 2. Replace the O-ring. 4. Overheating of the gearbox Reasons: 1. Lack of grease in the gearbox or dirty grease. 2. The transmission part is not well coordinated or debris falls into the interior. Remedy: 1. Add or replace grease. 2. Check the transmission part or remove impurities. 5. Excessive heating on the surface of the cabinet Causes: 1. Excessive load or dull bit. 2. The winding is damp. 3. Improper assembly makes the armature inflexible. 4. The power supply voltage drops. Remedy: 1. Reduce the load and sharpen the drill bit. 2. Dry the winding. 3. Check whether the armature is stuck or wiped the iron core. 4. Adjust the power supply voltage. 6. Ring fire or large sparks on the commutator Causes: 1. The armature is short-circuited or broken. 2. The brush is not in good contact with the commutator. 3. The surface of the commutator is not smooth. Remedy: 1. Repair the armature 2. Make it in good contact 3. Remove debris and smooth the surface of the commutator. The above are common faults and troubleshooting methods. If there are other faults that cannot be resolved by yourself, please find professional maintenance personnel or send them to the manufacturer for repair.
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