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Common sense about angle grinders of power tool companies

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-04
In the process of entertaining customers by the sales staff of the electric stuff company, it was discovered that the dealer still didn't quite understand how to replace and disassemble the angle grinder. Next, I will tell you the specific method:

(1) First, the equipment of the wheel cover:

Put the protective cover into the front cover and tighten the fastening screws. The protective cover is complete. According to the operation requirements, the protective cover can be adjusted to any position: loosen the fastening screw, rotate the protective cover to the required position, and then tighten the fastening screw.

(2) Equipment, disassemble the grinding wheel

Remember: Before disassembling the grinding wheel and the equipment, unplug the plug from the power supply. The speed of the grinding wheel is not less than 80m/s.

Equipment grinding wheel: Place the lower pressing plate, grinding wheel and upper pressing plate on the output shaft in turn, press the self-locking button, and tighten the upper pressing plate with a wrench.

Note: When the equipment is grinding wheel, the groove of the lower platen should be aligned with the flat square of the output shaft and the grinding wheel should be clamped.

Disassemble the grinding wheel: Press the self-locking button and use a wrench to loosen the upper plate to remove the grinding wheel.

(3) Opening and closing of the switch

Attention: Before the plug is pierced into the power supply, check that the self-locking button is in the pop-up condition, and the switch lever moves quickly and is in the '0' position. Move the switch lever to 'I' and start working continuously. Turn the switch lever to '0' to close things and gradually interrupt the operation.

(4) Replace carbon brush

The carbon brush should be replaced when the object has large sparks or intermittent operation during operation. Unscrew the carbon brush cover with a screwdriver, take out the worn carbon brush and install a new carbon brush, and admit that the carbon brush slides freely in the hole, then tighten the carbon brush cover, replace the two carbon brushes together, and use the original carbon brush.
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