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Cordless Tools Buyers Guide

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-25
Whether you're a DIY builder, hobbyist or professional builder, cordless tools such as screw drivers, impact drivers and hammer drills are essential items in every toolbox. Powered by batteries such as Nickel Cadmium and Lithium-Ion, cordless power tools are easy to use indoors or outdoors and can operate even when you are far from an electric outlet. Benefits of cordless tools Mobility: Working in and around the house can be a challenge particularly when there are no electricity outlets for plugging in equipment. Cordless tools can be used anywhere- the attic, basement, garage or patio. Professional builders also need the flexibility to respond to a wide range of construction activities in areas where power sources are limited. User-friendly: Many cordless tools are user-friendly and can be used by anyone. Even a DIY beginner, can easily operate a tool with the touch of a button. Online tool suppliers provide the added convenience of sorting and presenting tool products according to user levels from beginner grade models to more professional types. Safety: Without power cords lying around the house, DIY home users experience less accidents from trips and falls when using cordless tools. Premium brands also offer eco friendly lines of tools that are made from recycled materials, use less energy and produce low noise. Choosing cordless tools Handles: Tools with T-handles situated near the middle of the equipment distribute the tool's weight evenly, minimising the wrist strain that can occur with frequent use of construction tools. Other tools come in pistol-grips which many still prefer or right-angle handles which are best used for working in tight spaces. Drill power: The power of a tool is measured in volts ranging from 2 to 20 volts with higher volts of 12 to 18 providing more power, sufficient for most DIY homeowner's needs. Cordless screwdrivers need less power and are suitable for light and infrequent activities. Drill speed: High speed tools work well for drilling relatively soft materials while harder materials need larger bits and lower speeds. If you work with a wide range of materials and accessories, a cordless power tool with variable speeds that you can control is ideal. Other technical specifications to consider are drill chucks size and clutch settings. For many DIY builders, 3/8 inch chucks are sufficient while professional builders use 1/2 inch chucks that can receive smaller-sized bits. Adjustable clutch settings allow you to create drill holes of consistent depths and prevent accidentally driving a screw in too deep into the material, a plus for DIY builders. Researching and comparing features helps you invest in the right equipment. In this aspect, buying cordless tools online is a smart approach because online sites let you view and study the specifications of each tool, compare products and prices and offer the best prices on trusted brands.
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