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Detailed explanation of how to use the electric drill

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-03
Foreword In life, the frequency of use of electric drills is very high, even if you do not do carpentry, you can prepare one at home. But do you understand how to use electric drill correctly? How to replace the electric drill bit? Next, the editor will introduce how to use the electric drill and how to replace the electric drill bit. Working principle and type of electric drill Working principle of electric drill The motor rotor of the electromagnetic rotary or electromagnetic reciprocating small-capacity motor performs magnetic field cutting and power operation, drives the working device through the transmission mechanism, and drives the gear to increase the power of the drill bit, so that the drill bit scrapes the surface of the object and penetrates the object better. Type of electric drill Types of electric drills: Electric drills can be divided into three categories: hand electric drills, impact drills, and hammer drills. Among them, there is a difference between stepless speed change and fixed speed change according to speed. The price of these three kinds of electric drills is arranged from low to high, and the functions are also increased. The selection needs to be combined with their respective scope of application and requirements. Hand drill The power is the smallest, and the scope of use is limited to drilling wood and being an electric screwdriver. Some hand electric drills can be changed into special tools according to the purpose. There are many uses and models. Impact drill There are two types of impact mechanism for impact electric drills: canine type and ball type. Use the gears on the inner shaft to jump to achieve the impact effect. It can be used in natural stone or concrete, but the impact force is far less than the electric hammer, and it can be used as an ordinary electric drill. Hammer drill It can drill holes in a variety of hard materials, the most widely used. It can produce a strong impact force, accompanied by the effect of drilling. Strength can be divided into gold. Personal protection when using electric drills 1. Wear a protective mask when working face up. Wear protective glasses when drilling holes in cast iron castings to protect your eyes. 2. The drill bit holder should be properly installed. 3. The drill is in a hot state during the operation, and you should pay attention to burn the skin. 4. When drilling a hand-held electric drill with a diameter of more than 12mm, a pistol drill with a side handle should be used. 5. When working on a ladder or working at a high place, measures for falling from a high place should be taken, and the ladder should be supported by ground personnel. Matters needing attention before operation 1. Confirm whether the power supply connected to the site matches the nameplate of the electric drill. Whether there is a leakage protector. 2 The drill bit and the gripper should be adapted and properly installed 3. Make sure that the switch on the electric drill is in the locked state, otherwise the electric drill will turn unexpectedly immediately when the plug is inserted into the power socket, which may cause personal injury. 4. If the work place is far away from the power source, when the cable needs to be extended, sufficient capacity should be used to install a qualified extension cable. The extension cable should be elevated or pass through measures to prevent the cable from being damaged by rolling. Correct operation method of electric drill 1. Drilling holes in metal materials should be used to punch the foreign eye at the drilled position. 2. When drilling larger holes, use a small drill to drill through before using a large drill. 3. If you need to drill holes in metal for a long time, you can take certain cooling measures to keep the drill bit sharp. 4. It is strictly forbidden to directly clean the drill cuttings generated by drilling, and use special tools to clean the cuttings. Maintenance and inspection 1. Check the drill bit: The use of a dull or curved drill bit will make the working condition of the motor overload surface abnormal and reduce the operating efficiency. Therefore, if such a situation is found, it should be dealt with and replaced immediately. 2. Check the tightening screws of the electric drill body: Check the tightening of the mounting screws of the electric drill body before use. If the screws are loose, they should be re-tightened immediately, otherwise it will cause the electric drill to malfunction. 3. Check the carbon brush: The carbon brush on the motor is a consumable. Once the wear level exceeds the limit, the motor will malfunction. Therefore, the worn carbon brush should be replaced immediately. In addition, the carbon brush must always be kept clean. 4. Protection ground wire inspection: The protection ground wire is an important measure to protect personal safety, so Class Ⅰ appliances (metal enclosures) should be checked frequently and their enclosures should be well grounded. How to change the drill bit of electric drill? Under normal circumstances, the way of changing the drill bit of the electric drill and the impact electric drill is the same, only because the drill chuck on the drill bit is divided into a self-tightening drill chuck and a hand-tight drill chuck, and the electric drill with the self-tightening drill chuck is being replaced When drilling, we need to hold the drill chuck in one hand and turn on the reverse switch of the electric drill, so simply replace the original drill and use the same method to lift the drill up. Of course, don’t forget to switch back and forth of the switch. Dial, if it is a hand-tight drill chuck, it can be replaced by opening the drill chuck key once.
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