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by:WORKSITE     2020-06-21
  Electric drill   Electric drill is a drilling machine that uses electricity as power. It is a conventional product in power tools, and it is also the power tool product with the largest demand. The electric drill only has a rotation method, and is particularly suitable for drilling holes on materials that require little force, such as cork, metal, brick, and ceramic tiles.    impact drill    Impact drills rely on rotation and impact to work, and can be used for natural stone or concrete. The work of the impact drill has an adjustment knob at the drill chuck, which can be adjusted in two ways: ordinary hand drill and impact drill. However, the impact drill uses the gears on the inner shaft to jump each other to achieve the impact effect, and the impact force is far less than the electric hammer. It can also drill reinforced concrete, but the effect is not good.   Electric hammer   Electric hammer is a type of electric drill, mainly used for drilling holes in concrete, floor, brick wall and stone. It specializes in drilling holes on walls, concrete, and stone, as well as multi-function electric hammers, which can be used in place of ordinary electric drills and electric pickaxes when adjusted to appropriate positions and equipped with appropriate drill bits. The electric hammer uses the bottom motor to drive two sets of gear structures, one set to realize its drilling, and the other set drives the piston, just like the hydraulic stroke of the engine, generating a strong impact force, accompanied by the effect of drilling. Strength can be divided into gold.    electric pick   Electric pick is to let the motor drive the flick of the flick to run in a bouncing form, so that the pick head has the effect of chiseling the ground. The hydraulic pump pick uses the gas pressure transmitted by the air compressor to drive the pump hammer in the electric pick back and forth, thereby producing the effect of the pick pick hitting the ground, but the electric pick picks only, and its pick head does not rotate.   When did you choose to apply these tools?   If you often drill holes in the concrete wall, then a two kilogram electric hammer is your best choice. Due to the cylinder structure of the electric hammer, the thumping force is very high, and has a thumping frequency of 1,000 to 3,000 per minute, which can generate significant force, making it easy for you to drill holes in the concrete wall. Coupled with an adapter rod and the chuck of an ordinary electric drill, it can also complete the function of a hand electric drill, achieving the purpose of multi-purpose machine. It is a speed-adjustable hammer + adapter rod + 13 mm electric drill chuck. It only costs a few hundred yuan and is equipped with several commonly used drill bits. Then most of the decoration tasks in your home can be completed by yourself. Suitable for home improvement, the most suitable for making holes with a diameter of 10 mm and below.   If you need to consider drilling holes in wood and metal in addition to drilling holes in concrete, and drilling holes in concrete under ten millimeters, you can consider an impact drill. The impact drill generates impact by a helical gear, and the impact force is not as good as an electric hammer. But the price is low, like a 500-watt impact drill is a good choice. Everyone must know that it is suitable for drilling holes in wooden or iron plates, but don’t expect how big it is to drill holes in concrete walls. Doing so can easily damage the machine. A hand drill is the most economical electric. Tools, even if imported, only cost a few hundred yuan. The electric drill is only relying on the drive gear driven by the motor to increase the power of the drill bit, so that the drill bit can be pierced through the metal, wood and other materials. The main specifications of the electric drill are 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19, 23, 32, 38, 49mm, etc. The numbers refer to the maximum diameter of the drill bit for drilling on steel with a tensile strength of 390N/mm2.    In short, the electric drill can only drill, the impact drill can also have a slightly hammering effect. Hammer drills can drill and higher hammers, but electric picks can only be hammered and cannot be drilled.
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