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Domestic power tool industry has advanced by leaps

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-17
Among all hardware tools, the use of power tools should be the most widely used. Because power tools have high production efficiency, light structure and energy consumption The characteristics of low, convenient use, etc., have been widely used in both industrial production and household use.   According to analysis, my country's power tool market is maturing, and brand awareness and brand effect will be prominent. In the next few years, the share of domestic power tools will be With further improvement, as the market demand for electric tools continues to heat up, it will promote the production and operation of related enterprises in my country to develop in a favorable direction, and the industry prospects are expected .    However, despite the rapid development of my country's power tool industry, it also faces the following challenges:    1. Compared with the high level in the international market, my country's power tool production technology and management level is low, and the product function is single. If you want to compete in the international market To be bigger and stronger, it is urgent to expand the market share of the mid-to-high end, and the competitiveness of the product in the international market needs to be further improved.    2. Foreign trade export is facing a severe situation, steel (including silicon steel sheet), copper (enameled wire and other copper products), aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, engineering plastics, etc. The price of the main raw materials for the production of power tools remains high, and the production cost of power tools continues to rise, which directly affects the export benefits of products. With industrial pottery The application of new materials such as porcelain, high-performance soft magnets and plastic packaging in new products is expected to increase the application of new low-carbon and environmentally friendly new materials in the future.    3. Due to the low barriers to entry in my country's power tool industry, the investment in independent innovation, product development, brand cultivation, etc. is relatively small, with independent knowledge The recognition of the property right power tool products in the international market is far from enough, and the international marketing network has not yet been effectively established. Independent innovation capability and brand awareness are required Step by step.    4. The status of my country's major exporter of power tools is increasingly being challenged by developing countries. The technology and management level of developing countries currently have great progress. The increase in labor costs and lower cost of raw materials have brought great competitive pressure to my country's power tool industry, and international competition has become increasingly fierce.    5. The continuous appreciation of the renminbi has a certain impact on the export of power tools. There are still many new achievements in my country's power tools industry to achieve foreign trade exports. Difficulties need to be overcome.    6. The international and domestic markets are more critical of the quality and brand of power tools. Whether it is a power tool dealer or a large number of direct users, they attach great importance to electricity The quality and brand of mobile tools. Therefore, the market's inclination towards good quality and good brand power tools has increased. This is an improvement, indicating that the market for power tools is increasing mature. Because of this, the brand awareness and brand effect of the domestic power tool market are more prominent, and many power tool dealers, especially those with slight strength and regulations The power tool dealers of Die show high enthusiasm for the distribution of good brand power tools.    Recently, the European Commission's rapid non-food warning system (rapex) issued a consumer warning for hardware power tools produced in China. Domestic hardware Tool manufacturers and exporters should attach great importance to this.    Countries around the world have increasingly strict requirements for power tools on their own markets. The European Union has developed a special 60745-1 standard for hardware power tools. The purpose is to provide technical specifications for power tool products that enter the European market, thereby reducing or avoiding the harm that power tools may cause to consumers.   Europe has also introduced electrical appliance certification laws. All specifications and series of power tool products exported by relevant enterprises to the EU must pass the EU The device is certified and marked, and products that are about to expire must apply for certification in a timely manner.    In addition, during the inspection of power tools, companies need to make preparations in advance. Enterprises need to accumulate experience in coping, the products involved will be The regulations of the League should be adjusted accordingly, otherwise it will be eliminated by the market.
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