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Drill Bits Transformation Through Time

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-11
Over the past century, the recent advancements in the offshore industry are changing the face of diamond drill bits. There is a continual and successful attempt to improve the design of core bits to maximize their ability to cut a wide variety of materials at considerable depths to increase the efficiency of drilling, tunnelling and mining operations. The drilling technology is a viable solution in situations where conventional drilling hits a protracted and costly obstruction. Date back to 1863; diamond cutting bits have evolved into a technologically advanced and very profitable industry. Diamond core drill bits are well known in the mining industry and are specifically designed for drilling oil and gas wells. Most importantly, this is one of the special equipments that are effective, reliable and cost sensitive even in ever-green demand. Today there is a significant improvement in the process of looking a bit designs to improve overall drilling performance. Efficiency by Design Different processes govern the drilling action of each bit type. This means that the drilling efficiency can be investigated in terms of two parameters, the specific energy and the friction coefficient, independently of the bit type. A number of core bit design and manufacturing companies, the service companies have already shown interest to quantify the influence on the specific energy on various parameters such as drilling method, cutter geometry (size and shape), and depth of cut, cutting speed and mud pressure. The objective is to better understand the drilling response of different diamond core bits as they operate in different conditions and situations. Drilling Industry is changing dramatically The fact that diamond core drills have a longer lifespan means that the dynamics of the industry are changing drastically. Drill bits manufacturing giant says that bits have become so advanced that their designs are now formulated to address different formulations and to minimize vibrations, alleviating the possibilities of premature wear and tear. Biggest Improvement in the Cutter Design One of the most remarkable technological achievements has been in the improvements in the cutter design. This has significantly improved the life of cutters and therefore the life of the bit. Considering the benefits that newly designed core drill bits can deliver, it is reasonable to answer why it has been adopted more rapidly by the industry. One of the key factors that will determine the use of casing drilling in the near future is cost, especially as the industry is keenly pursuing optimal efficiency.
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