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Electric pick

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-23
The electric pickaxe is a double insulated hand-held power tool powered by a single-phase series excitation motor. It has the characteristics of safety, reliability, high efficiency, and easy operation. It is widely used in pipeline laying, mechanical installation, water supply and drainage facilities construction, interior decoration, The construction of port facilities and other construction projects are suitable for picking or other suitable accessories, such as chisels, shoveling, etc., for crushing, chiseling, digging, grooving, cutting and other operations on concrete, masonry structures, and asphalt pavements. Rated voltage 220V Rated frequency 50HZ rated power 900W Hammering times 2900/min net weight 6.7kg ? Technical Parameters Rated voltage: 220V ?Rated frequency: 50HZ Rated power: 900W Hammering times: 2900/min Net weight: 6.7kg Performance characteristics Sliding clamping rod design, locking is stronger, loading and unloading pick rod is faster. The soft rubber-wrapped sub-handle effectively reduces vibration, and cooperates with the 360° rotation function to make the operation more convenient and comfortable. Optimized mechanical structure design to provide extraordinary impact and durability. High-quality motors, instant surge of power, higher working efficiency. The unique shock-absorbing spring plate greatly reduces the post-transmission vibration and reduces operator fatigue. Switch lock function, suitable for long working hours Precautions 1. Pay attention to lubrication Before filling oil, be sure to turn off the power switch of the machine and unplug the power plug from the power socket. The large electric pick (such as Z1G-65) is equipped with an oil tank, so even if it is not replenished with oil, if the daily working time is 3 to 4 hours, it can still be used for about 20 days. Before using the electric pickaxe, the oil should be injected as described below, or in a timely manner when the hammer is obviously weak. When the rig is erected, if the oil gauge cannot see the oil in the peephole (40# lubricating oil can be used), it should be refilled in time. Before refueling, the oil gauge should be removed using the attached wrench, and great care must be taken to prevent the loss of the rubber seal below. The oil level should be checked once a day to confirm whether the amount of oil is sufficient. Small electric picks (such as Z1G-0810), with the same shape as the electric hammer, should be injected with 30 grams of electric hammer lubricating oil, not exceeding 30 grams. If it is added more, it will cause serious failure of the whole machine; if it is less, it will cause the whole machine to heat up and burn the internal parts. Do not use car lubricants, bicycle chain oils or other lubricants casually. 2. Maintenance of the motor The motor winding is the heart of the electric pickaxe, and it should be carefully checked for damage and whether it is wetted by oil or water. 3. Check the brush Motor brushes are consumables. Once they are worn to the limit, various faults may occur in the motor. If a self-stop brush is used, the motor will stop automatically. The brush should always be kept clean to ensure that it can slide freely in the brush holder. Safety Technical Operation Rules 1. Please bring a hard hat (hard hat), safety glasses and protective mask. It is also particularly recommended to wear dust masks, ear protectors and thick pad gloves.    2. Before operation, make sure that the chisel nozzle is fastened in the specified position.    3. During normal operation, this tool works by vibrating. Therefore, the screw is easy to loosen, which may cause disassembly or accident. Therefore, you must carefully check whether the screws are tight before operation.    4. In the cold season or when the tool is not used for a long time, it should be allowed to run for a few minutes under no load to heat the tool.    5. Make sure to stand in a very strong place. When using tools in high places, make sure that no one is below.    6. Hold the tool with both hands    7. Do not touch the tool with your hand    8. Do not let go when the tool rotates. The tool can only be started when the tool is picked up by the hand.    9. During operation, do not point the chisel to anyone present. Severe punishment for personal injury due to punches flying out    10. When the chisel is chiseled into the wall, floor or any place where the electric wire may be buried, never touch any metal part of the tool. Hold the plastic handle of the tool or the side grip to prevent electric shock by cutting the buried wire.    11. Do not touch the chisel nozzle or the parts close to the chisel nozzle immediately after the operation. It may burn the skin because it may be very hot.
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