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Electric tools are divided into three categories

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-07
Class I tools are ordinary electric tools with a rated voltage of more than 50 volts. Class I tools not only rely on basic insulation for protection against electric shock, but also contain an additional safety measure. The method is to connect the accessible conductive parts with the protective (grounding) wire installed in the fixed circuit, so that the accessible conductive parts will not become a charged body in the accident of basic insulation damage.

The plug of type I tools is a three-pin plug.

Class II tools are electric tools whose insulation structure is all double insulation structure. Its specified voltage exceeds 50V.

Type II tools are not allowed to install grounding devices. Generally it is an insulating shell.

Type II tools must use a reinforced insulated power plug, and a non-reconnectable power plug in which the power plug and the flexible cable or cord are compression molded into one body.

Only two-pin power plugs that cannot be reconnected are allowed for Type Ⅱ tools. Type II tools are marked 'Back'.

Class III tools are safety voltage tools. Its rated voltage does not exceed 50V, and the protection against electric shock relies on being powered by a safe voltage and not generating a voltage higher than the safe voltage inside the tool.
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