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Electric tools-four characteristics of speed adjustable

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-05
Electric tool―speed adjustable angle grinder has the characteristics of high efficiency and practicality. Its operation is relatively simple. It can also be installed with stone cutting blades, grinding wheel blades, metal cutting blades, woodworking cutting blades, etc., so it has strong functionality and range of use It is also more extensive and can be used for grinding, cutting and polishing. Compared with other grinding equipment, this kind of power tool is also safer, so what other features do it have?

First, good heat dissipation (large area of ??air outlet)

The design of this durable electric tool pays more attention to details, its heat dissipation is better, and the air outlet design is larger, so when the speed adjustable angle grinder is working, the gear can be adjusted arbitrarily, even when working with high power. The current and other reasons make the machine overheat, which can ensure the smooth flow of airflow, and the good heat dissipation also marks the longer life of this electric tool.

Second, strong flexibility in regulation (multi-speed regulation)

Traditional grinding equipment is mostly manual, so the efficiency is low, and its speed control is more difficult. But the speed control of the speed-adjustable angle grinder is more flexible. This kind of industrial electric tool can be adjusted in multiple gears, and the speed can be controlled at will according to the needs, so that the efficiency of the operation is greatly improved, and the shifting and downshifting are also more Convenient and low error rate.

Third, strong safety (load protection to prevent burning)

Grinding electric tools often have to work for a long time. In addition to good heat dissipation, it also requires good high temperature resistance. The speed-adjustable angle grinder can not only prevent the temperature from damaging the internal components of the host, but also With overload protection function, it can prevent burn-in caused by internal overheating, which greatly guarantees safety.

The fourth strong humanity (combined ergonomic principles)

Regardless of the weight of this kind of power tool or the design of the handle, it reflects its humanized characteristics. Because it can work hand-held for a long time, the cost-effectiveness of the speed adjustable angle grinder is greatly improved, and the comfort can be improved when the human body touches it. It fully caters to the usage habits, conforms to the ergonomic body design principle, and is simple to operate.

The above are the four major characteristics of the power tool-speed adjustable angle grinder. Moreover, it has strong shock resistance and shock resistance, is not easy to be damaged after falling, has a long service life, has a wide range of applications, and has a strong work balance, safe and stable work, and its power system is stronger, which can meet different industries and different environments. Under polishing or cutting work.
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