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Encyclopedia of decoration carpentry tools What

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-07
Abstract: Woodworking tools generally have sharper edges, so you must pay attention to safety when using them. It needs to be sharpened frequently, especially planers and chisels, which must be sharpened at any time in order to save effort and ensure quality during use. The so-called 'sharpening of firewood by mistake' is the reason. Many people will make some small furniture by themselves, or make some carpentry items, so what tools do home improvement carpenters need? Let's take a look at what are the woodworking tools for decoration? Many people will decorate the wooden keel ceiling and some furniture making projects in the living room. So in addition to some basic distance and line drawing tools, what other tools are needed in carpentry construction? Let's take a look below. 1. Woodworking cutting tools In the carpentry construction process, the material needs to be cut first to facilitate modeling. The cutting tools include cutting table with saw blade, hand-held cutting machine and woodworking saw. 2. Woodworking planing tools In the process of carpentry construction, in addition to cutting, the material may also need to be smoothed, and then planing tools are required. Planer is a relatively old woodworking tool that can plan the board straight. In addition, the electric saw blade can also play the role of partial planing. 3. Woodworking drilling tools In the decoration process of the wooden keel ceiling, it is often necessary to drill holes on the ceiling to hang the components. At this time, an impact drill is needed. Electric drills can be used to drill holes in plates and other materials. 4. Woodworking nailing tools The common tools in the process of carpentry construction are also tools for fixing nails. At the construction site, there are two common nailing tools, one is the ordinary hand hammer, and the second is the nail gun. The size of nails nailed with a hand hammer is larger, while the size of nails nailed with a nail gun is smaller. 5. Paint painting tools After the wood products are made, it is generally necessary to apply wood lacquer. Some tools are needed when applying wood paint. Depending on the paint method used, the tools used will vary. For wood lacquer painting, gauze scrubbing, brush brushing, spray gun spraying, and roller rolling can be used. The most suitable tool should be used in different situations. In addition, filters and sandpaper are more commonly used during the construction of wood lacquers. The filter screen is used to filter impurities in the wood paint, and the sandpaper is used to polish the wood board surface.
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