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Features and uses of BOSO electric tool hand drill

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-04
The electric hand drill is a hand-held electric drill, which has the advantages of reasonable structure, fast speed, high efficiency, and easy repair.

The structure of the household multi-function electric hand drill series: the skills have been greatly improved, especially in terms of drawing on the interests of foreign electric tools, and contacting the various interests of the manufacturers. Hand electric drills are used for metal drilling. It is also suitable for drilling wood and plastic.

2. Structure introduction:

(1) Motor; it is a self-ventilated single-phase series motor. The stator and armature wires are made of polyester enamelled round copper wires, and they have been specially treated. The wiring selects a special structure, touch. The commutator is made of trapezoidal copper bar, with thermosetting plastic and mica sheet as the medium. Thermosetting engineering plastics are pressed between the electric shaft and the iron core. The casing and handle cover of the 6, 10, 13 mm electric drills are made of thermoplastic engineering plastics. The 19, 23 mm electric drills are equipped with plastic bushings in the aluminum shell to form a two-layer structure .

(2) Switch: The electric drill switch with hand-press quick blocking and self-locking equipment is selected.

(3) Capacitor: A capacitor is installed in the handle of the anti-disturbance electric drill, which can suppress the disturbance to electricity and TV.

(4) Reduction gearbox: The housing is made of die-cast aluminum alloy made by the original factory. The gears are modified gears and are not easy to wear after high-frequency heat treatment.

(5) Power cord and plug: use a three-core cord with a three-wire plug. One end of the power cord is fitted with a sheath outside the casing to protect the cord, and the other end is connected to the plug holder and then pressed into the plastic (rubber) to make Into a non-detachable power plug.

(6) Drill chuck: Choose three-jaw drill chuck (or threaded drill chuck) for 6, 10, 13 mm. When using three-jaw drill chuck, first reduce the inner hole of the drill chuck and the surface of the drill shaft. Prohibited objects. Then install the chuck drill on the shaft for use.

This hand drill is suitable for home decoration and can be made by DIY.
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