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General Guide to Different Types of Cordless Drills

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-10
For many tradesmen the cordless drill is one of their most trusted companions and a vital power tool for their day to day job. This dependable industrial power tool is necessary for many construction projects, which means that you need to ensure that you have the correct drill for the job in hand as well as ensuring that it the quality of the cordless drill lasts for many years to come. There is nothing more annoying than investing in a power tool that fails after only a short period of time or is unable to complete the task quickly & safely. Below is a rundown of various types of cordless drills on the market today, a very useful guide if you are a professional using industrial power tool on a daily basis or an amateur looking to carry out serious DIY projects. Cordless Hammer Drills Cordless hammer drills carry a slightly heavier body allowing them to offer the user a more powerful type of cordless drill, normally supplied as a standard combi hammer drill with hammer and drill driver action or straight hammer action fitted with an SDS-Plus chuck. Cordless hammer drills have a hammering action that provides a short, rapid hammer thrust to provide quicker drilling but with less operator effort, hammer drills are able to pulverize and breakthrough relatively hard building materials similar to a much larger jackhammer. Due to the power & design of modern cordless hammer drills hazardous jobs can be completed quickly & safely by general tradesmen. Cordless Drill Drivers Cordless drill drivers are generally the lightest cordless power tools in today's market due to the reduced size of the motor. They are normally used for more day to day tasks such as secondary fixing jobs, construction of fencing and decking and are ideal power tool for general jobs around the home and factory. The lightweight nature of cordless drill drivers fitted with multiple torque settings & dedicated drilling action mean that they are excellent for overhead work such as suspended ceilings and for carrying around on a tool belt freeing the operator to complete other tasks with both hands around the construction site. Cordless Impact Drivers Cordless impact drivers are yet another heavy duty industrial power tool designed to act like an electric screwdriver delivering strong, sudden rotational and downward forces. The new improved cordless impact drivers available from all the leading power tool manufacturers can also work in conjunction with toughened screwdriver bits and socket sets often used by mechanics for loosening larger screws. At the end of the day, whatever task is to be completed you need to make sure you are using the correct power tools for the job as the wrong tool can cause damage to the material you are working on and endanger you and your colleagues safety while on site. Even though cordless drills and cordless power tools are often seen as better for health and safety in the workplace as it has fewer leads to trip over or the risk of electrification, they are very powerful pieces of equipment and when used incorrectly or on the wrong type of job can be dangerous. Thankfully Power Tools Pro offers a wide range of cordless drills from all of the leading and reputable manufacturers servicing the UK industrial power tools market. Find out more information about what they have on offer by going to their informative website at
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