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Golfing Tips Online: Improve Putting with Nick

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-15
Teaching Pro and Golf Channel Contributor Eben Dennis knows a thing or two about golfing tips for putting. His students have inlcuded Nick Faldo, Billy Mayfair, Robert Gamez and Shaun Micheel. The tip he taught Nick Faldo in 2000 improved his putting from one of the worst putters on tour to No. 1 in putting at the 2000 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. As most linksters know, Pebble has some of the toughest greens in the world to putt. During that Open, Faldo averaged just 25 putts per day. Here's the tip: It is called the thumb pointing drill. Even though there are a couple of other keys (how to hold the club for control, and how to get in the best set-up) that will enhance your putting performance, this drill will help you become a much better putter. 1) Focus on the relationship between your hands and the intended target. Now, feel the corner of your lower thumb on the grip that is closest to the target. On your right hand it will be the corner of the nail on the outside of your thumb. Take a couple of practice strokes to feel that corner pointing at your target at the end of the motion. 2) Putt 3-inch to 6-inch putts making sure to hold the point at the finish of the stroke. By doing this you will discover the ball went the direction you pointed, good or bad. Two things will come from this drill: First, your focus will shift away from the putter head and ball. Two, you will complete your stroke giving you better rhythm and distance control. When you get a good feel for short putts, increase the distance until you feel comfortable from mid- and long-range distances. Once you learn to narrow your focus to your hands and where they are going, putting will become simple and fun. Find more golfing tips online to lower your score and improve your game. Go to:
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