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How to adjust and use the power tool charging drill

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-03
How to adjust and use the power tool charging drill before and after use? What should I pay attention to when disassembling? What should I pay attention to before operation? Let's take a look.

  1. Loading and unloading of rechargeable batteries for Delikai power tools

   Rechargeable battery removal: Hold the handle tightly, and then push the battery latch to remove the battery. Rechargeable battery installation: confirm the positive and negative poles before inserting the battery.

  2, charging

   Insert the rechargeable battery into the charger correctly, and it can be fully charged in about 1 hour at 20°C. Note that the rechargeable battery has a temperature control switch inside, and the battery will be powered off when it exceeds 45°C and cannot be charged. It can be charged after cooling.

   3. Before homework

  A. Drill bit loading and unloading. Install the drill bit: After inserting the bit, drill bit, etc. into the chuck of the switchless drill, hold the ring tightly and tighten the sleeve sleeve backwards (clockwise from below). If the sleeve becomes loose during operation, please tighten the sleeve again. When tightening the sleeve, the tightening force will become stronger.

   Remove the drill bit: Hold the ring firmly and loosen the sleeve to the left (viewed from the front, it is counterclockwise).

  B. Check the steering. When the selector handle is placed in the R position, the drill bit rotates clockwise (as seen from the back of the charging drill), when the selector handle is placed at L, the drill bit rotates counterclockwise (as seen from the back of the charging drill), 'R' , 'L' symbol is marked on the machine body.

   Note: When changing the speed with the rotary knob, please make sure that the power switch is turned off. Changing the speed while the motor is rotating will damage the gear.

   4. How to use

   When using the rechargeable drill, the drill bit cannot be stuck. If it gets stuck, turn off the power immediately, otherwise the motor or rechargeable battery will burn.

   5. Maintenance and precautions

   When the drill bit is dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth or a damp cloth moistened with soap and water. Do not use chlorine solution, gasoline, or thinner to avoid melting of the plastic part.

   The rechargeable drill should be stored in a place where the temperature is lower than 40°C and out of reach of minors.
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