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How to buy electric hammer

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-07
1. Choose a multifunctional electric hammer, that is, an electric hammer with two functions of hammer drill and flat drill. In this way, the flat drill can be used as an electric drill. It can be used to open holes in metal and wood, and can also be used to unscrew screws when installing cabinets. Electric hammers currently on the market are basically multi-functional. 2. Electric hammer with speed control switch. The speed is low when the switch is touched, which can help the machine to start drilling smoothly (for example, drilling on a smooth surface such as ceramic tiles, which can not only prevent the drill bit from slipping, but also prevent the drill hole from breaking), and use high speed to ensure work during normal work effectiveness. 3. The forward and reverse functions must not be lacking. When the electric hammer is drilled into the wall, it is inevitable that the drill bit will be stuck. At this time, just adjust to reverse and pull it out gently, and the drill bit will come out. Without the reverse function, it will be very laborious and easy to be injured. 4. Choose an electric hammer with shock absorption system. A good shock absorption system can make the operator comfortable to hold and relieve fatigue. Soft rubber handles can also increase grip comfort. 5. A light weight electric hammer can make your work easier. It is recommended to use a light-weight hammer, the weight should be controlled below 3KG, and it will not be too difficult when working upwards. 6. Lithium electric hammer is more convenient. Lithium battery can be used with charging and storage, and the storage is more concise. But there are not many lithium electric hammers on the market. 7. Pay attention to the electric hammer chuck device. If the chuck is square four pits, you need to buy the square four pit drills. If the chuck is two pits and two grooves, you need to buy two pits and two slots. If you don't pay attention to the model of the drill bit and buy it indiscriminately, it is very troublesome if the drill bit you bought does not fit.
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