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How to change the drill bit? These two methods

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-26
Electric drills are drilling tools that use electricity as power. During use, the drill bit is often replaced according to the different objects used. How to install and replace it? Introduce two very simple methods.    Method one: Hold the small black circle of the drill bit in one hand, and grasp the larger one on the other hand, screw in the opposite direction to clamp or loosen the drill bit. The black round button on the handle is used for protection. The one inside is used to adjust the speed.    Method 2: Remove the drill bit: Put the impact drill upside down (with the drill bit facing up), hold down the plastic ring at the root of the drill bit with your left hand, hold the drill bit with your right hand and lift it up. Rotate the drill bit left and right to lift it out.    Install the drill bit: still upside down impact drill, hold down the plastic ring with your left hand, and insert the drill while rotating the drill bit with your right hand.
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