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How to choose a car air pump that suits your needs?

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-05
It is a pleasant thing when traveling by car. In daily life, there is often a shortage of car tire pressure. At this time, it is not easy to find a place that can be inflated. Therefore, many car owners will carry a portable air pump with the car. There are many in-vehicle air pumps on the market, with various functions. How to choose the one that suits your needs? When you buy a car air pump, you need to see whether the entire set of equipment is sufficient. In addition to the host, some accessories can provide help while the tires are inflated, such as the lighting system. It seems to be refilled at night or in places with insufficient light. Very useful, there are also inflatable nozzles or inflatable tubes, tools for car repairs, etc. The purchase of car air pumps must be selected according to their own models. The current car air pumps on the market are mainly divided into two types: horizontal bars and parallel bars. The disadvantages of horizontal bar air pumps are insufficient air pressure, long inflation time, and large size cars are not suitable for use. But the price will be cheaper. Compared with the horizontal bar, the air pump of the parallel bar does not have the disadvantages mentioned above. The price is slightly higher and the range of use is wider. Small and large cars are suitable. If the economy permits, the parallel bars are generally purchased as much as possible. In addition, the accuracy of the tire pressure dial of the car air pump should also be paid attention to. For the accuracy of the inflation data, the accuracy is very important. The big brand tire pressure meters generally adopt an embedded integrated design to avoid the impact and looseness of the tire pressure meters. Measurement accuracy. The power of the air pump is determined according to the size of the car, so when choosing an on-board air pump, a small car can choose a single cylinder, which is enough for daily inflation; however, a slightly larger model requires a double-cylinder air pump Otherwise, the inflation is very slow and consumes electricity.
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