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How To Choose a Powerful Cordless Drill

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-09
A cordless drill is one of those items that can be found in most households, whether that of handyman or a young woman. They can be extremely useful for projects around the house. With the popularity of drills, it is not surprising that there are quite a variety of drills on the market today. If your head is spinning as you try to figure out how to make a decision about a drill, just relax. There are a list of things you should be aware of that will help you narrow down your decision. 1.Consider how often you plan to use the drill. If you plan to have the drill around only for occasional use, such as hanging up pictures or curtains when you decorate a room, you may want to choose an inexpensive one. You can still get the power you desire without paying a high price. If you fall into this category, you should consider the Powersmith cordless drill kit which sells for $30. On the other hand, if you need a quality drill that you intend to use often, you may want to invest more. There are some drills such as the Hitachi drill that can cost upwards of $310. 2.Assess the activities you will be performing with the drill. If you need it for multiple uses, look out for the speed of the drill. Most drills have slow and fast speeds, but may vary in the number of speed settings. If you think your projects will require varying amounts of speed, choose a drill that has that available. 3.Determine how long you think you will use the drill in a given period of time. If you are a handyman or work in the carpentry business, you will likely need a drill with a long battery life. In the event the battery does die, you'll want it to be able to charge quickly so you are not waiting around to use it. Look for a drill with a battery that charges in less than hour. 4.Handle any drill you are considering before purchasing it. As you pick it up you will want to not its weight. A heavy drill will be hard to hold up for an extended period of time. Additionally, consider how the grip feels if it has one. If it is not easy to grip it might not be the drill for you. Finally, manipulate all of the switches as well as the trigger to make sure they have ease in their movements.
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