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How to choose an electric drill

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-16
Electric drills can be divided into three categories: hand electric drills, impact drills, and hammer drills. 1. Hand electric drill: The power is the smallest, and the scope of use is limited to drilling wood and being an electric screwdriver. It does not have much practical value, and it is not recommended to buy it. 2. Impact drill: You can drill wood, iron and brick, but you can't drill concrete. Some impact drills indicate that drillable concrete is actually not feasible, but it is absolutely suitable for drilling ceramic tiles and cement with a thin outer layer of brick. No problem. 3. Hammer Drill (Electric Hammer): It can drill holes in any material and has the widest scope of use. The prices of these three kinds of electric drills are arranged from low to high, and the functions are also increasing. How to choose them specifically needs to be combined with their respective scope of application and requirements. Choose the method of electric drill: Take the indoor ceiling as an example. The ceiling is made of reinforced concrete. If you use a percussion drill to drill holes, it will take a lot of effort. I used it to drill holes in the ceiling to install the lamp. As a result, the lamp was not installed. The drill bit; but this will not happen when it is used to punch the wall, so the impact drill is suitable for daily use in the home, but for the punching staff, the hammer drill should be preferred. When hitting the wall, the hammer drill will be more labor-saving than the impact drill. The key is that the structure and working principle of the two are different. Here I will not use jargon and terminology to explain. TX is not interested in this. I will use the most Straightforward words to express that in the process of using the hammer drill, people need to continuously apply force to make it rotate, and when using the hammer drill, only a little force at the beginning can make the drill bit move forward automatically. Points to note when purchasing an electric drill: 1. Selection of electric drill bit size. With the increase of the size of the electric drill bit, its price will also increase. Personally, the size of the electric drill bit for the home is generally 20mm. However, it depends on individual circumstances. 2. Selection of additional functions of electric drill: There are some additional functions of the same model. For example, R in the model indicates that the drill bit can be reversed forward and reverse. An E indicates that the electric drill can be adjusted in speed. When a high speed is not needed, it can be adjusted to a low speed. Of course, the more functions, the higher the price. Whether you choose it or not depends on your personal preferences. 3. When you see the promotion of electric drill suits in furniture malls and supermarkets, don’t get hot and buy it immediately. It depends on the practicality. In fact, most of the sets are aimed at hand electric drills and impact drills because they are The prices are cheaper, and getting a suit can be attractive. In fact, there is no need to buy a hand electric drill set, it seems cheap, but it is not necessarily. Although the price may be less than 200 yuan, the quality of the tools in the set is not good, and many tools may not be used at all. It is better to buy an electric drill alone, and then add tools as needed.
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