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How to choose an electric screwdriver in a power

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-08
There is a saying: 'Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well'. Although an electric screwdriver is a small ordinary electric tool, it is also a very important type of electric tool, so how to choose one correctly? What about electric screwdrivers?

Choosing a power tool screwdriver first depends on whether it is for household or professional use. Now most of the electric screwdrivers are used by professionals. When purchasing, you need to see whether it is dedicated or household, and general household input The rate does not need to be too large, and the professional one has more power.

   The second point is to see if the packaging of the power tool screwdriver is clear and not damaged.

The third point is to hold the electric screwdriver with your hand, turn on the switch after turning on the power, and turn on and off frequently to see if the power on and off function of the electric screwdriver is good. When turning on the electric screwdriver, observe the surrounding phenomena, See if it has an effective radio interference suppressor installed.

   Fourth point, let the power tool screwdriver run for one minute, and then hold it with both hands, the hand should not feel any tremor.

   When buying a power tool screwdriver, please pay attention to the above points.

 Electric tools are composed of 7 major components such as a case, a motor, a transmission mechanism, a handle, a power switch, anti-interference components, power connection components, and a working head.

  The housing of electric tools is generally composed of plastic or metal parts:

  Hand-held tools generally use a plastic case, and some machines use a combination of plastic and metal.

   For example: the shells of impact drills and jig saws are generally made of plastic. The shells of angle grinders and electric circular saws are almost all made of plastic and aluminum.

   Desktop tools generally use metal shells, of which aluminum and iron are the most commonly used.

  The casing of the miter saw is mainly made of aluminum. The casing of the cutting machine, bench drill, grinder, etc. is mainly made of iron.
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