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How to choose the right electric drill

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-10
If you want to choose the right electric drill, you need to understand the scope of application of each electric drill, and then choose the correct one according to your own needs. At present, electric drills on the market mainly include ordinary hand electric drills, impact drills and electric hammer picks. Their working principles are different and their powers are different. Therefore, the applicable objects are also very different, as follows: ?Hand drill The hand-held electric drill only has a rotation method, and is particularly suitable for drilling holes on materials that require little force, such as cork, metal, brick, and ceramic tiles. The electric drill is only relying on the drive gear driven by the motor to increase the power of the drill bit, so that the drill bit can be pierced through the metal, wood and other materials. Applicable objects: screw tightening, furniture assembly, installation of racks, televisions, curtains and other drilling holes. ?Impact drill Impact drills rely on rotation and impact to work, and can be used for natural stone or concrete. The impact drill has an adjustment knob at the drill chuck, which can be adjusted in two ways: ordinary hand drill and impact drill, so it not only has the function of ordinary hand drill, but also can drill reinforced concrete like electric hammer, but the effect is not good . Applicable objects: drilling holes in wood, metal and ceramic tiles, drilling holes in concrete under 10 mm. Electric hammer Electric hammers rely on rotation and thrashing to work. The single thumping force is very high and has a thumping frequency of 1,000 to 3,000 per minute, which can produce significant force. Compared with impact drills, electric hammers require minimal pressure to drill into hard materials, such as stone and concrete, especially relatively hard concrete. Applicable objects: hard concrete, stone drilling, professional installation, engineering drilling. Electric pick The electric pick is a double insulated hand-held power tool powered by a single-phase series-excited motor. The power of the electric motor is used to make the pick head have the effect of chiseling the ground. Its power is very large, full of power, and it is completely free of hard concrete and stone, but the pick of the electric pick does not turn, it can only be chiseled. Applicable objects: construction engineering construction, crushing, chiseling, digging, grooving and cutting concrete, masonry and asphalt pavement.
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