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How to choose the right hand drill

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-16
Have you ever encountered this kind of situation, the purchased hand drill is inefficient, or it has not been long before it has appeared hot or even burned? Everyone generally thinks that the performance of the purchased electric drill is too low or the quality is too poor. But have you ever thought that this hand drill is the specification you need? Is it the most suitable for your work situation? As a professional power tool manufacturer, there will be a variety of hand drill products to choose from. Customers will use input power as the main parameter to select products. It is generally believed that the larger the power, the larger the diameter that the electric drill can drill and the faster the drilling speed. Actually not. The input power does not completely represent the performance of the machine, but only shows the total electric power consumed by the hand drill in operation. (Input power = motor heat loss + fan loss + mechanical friction loss + output power) In fact, what we need is not input power, but output power, which can really help us drill and screw. The real reason customers buy power tools is to use these tools to drill or screw. So when choosing a hand drill, you must see the output power of the power tool. Of the power tools on the market today, few output power is marked on the machine nameplate, only a few professional power tool manufacturers such as Mai Taibao, Bosch and so on. With these two parameters, we can also simply calculate the output efficiency of the machine. (Output efficiency = output power / input power) The output efficiency of high-end power tools can reach 60-70%, and the internal loss of the machine is very small. If the output power cannot be found on the machine, we can select the appropriate hand drill by the no-load speed. Generally, the no-load speed can be divided into high-speed and low-speed (high-speed: above 2000rpm and low-speed: 300-1000rpm). Because the low-speed hand drill is more suitable for drilling wood or small holes (soft material, small hole diameter). High-speed hand electric drill is more suitable for drilling steel or large aperture (hard material, large aperture). Choosing the correct speed gear will get the best drilling speed. Of course, the application range of the hand drill with speed regulation will be wider. In short, if you want to buy a suitable hand drill, you must first understand what you want to do with it, and then choose your own product specifications by comparing the output power and no-load speed. Of course, choosing the right drill attachment is also essential.
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