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How to differentiate and choose Worksite power tools

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-10
1. If you often drill holes in concrete walls, a two kilogram electric hammer is your best choice. Due to the cylinder structure of the electric hammer, the hammering force is very high, and it has a hammering frequency of 1,000 to 3,000 per minute. Obvious force can be generated, making it easy for you to drill holes on the concrete wall. Equipped with an adapter rod and a chuck for an ordinary electric drill, it can also complete the functions of a hand electric drill and achieve the purpose of one machine with multiple functions. That is, the speed-adjustable electric hammer + adapter rod + 13mm electric drill chuck, only a few hundred yuan, coupled with a few commonly used drill bits, then most of your home decoration tasks can be completed by itself. Suitable for 100 mouthpieces, most suitable for drilling holes with a diameter of 10 mm or less.
  2. If in addition to concrete drilling, you must also take into account the drilling of wood and metal, and the drilling of concrete is less than ten millimeters, you can think about the impact drill. The impact drill is impacted by the helical gear, and the impact is not as good as the electric hammer. But the price is low, like the 500-watt impact drill is an excellent choice.

3. If you often tighten or loosen screws (which is often the case for computer enthusiasts), or punch holes in wood or iron plates, then you can buy a cordless electric screwdriver, which is the most convenient in these two aspects Tool of. The rechargeable electric screwdriver plus a set of screwdriver head sets make it easy to get the job at hand.

4. Worksite electric tool hand electric drill we must all know that it is suitable for drilling holes in wooden or iron plates, but don't expect it to do much in drilling concrete walls. It is very easy to damage the machine, a hand drill It is the most economical power tool, even if it is imported, it only costs a few hundred yuan.
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