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How to hold the eye-drilling technology of electric hammer

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-15
The commonly used punching parts of the electric hammer involve: 1. Concrete wall surface, top surface and ground; 2. Tile ground, wall surface (wall brick) 3. Brick wall surface The electric hammer generally has several functions: 1. Impact punching 2. Impact electric pick (for slotting) 3. Electric drill function Introduce several kinds of punching parts that are difficult to operate: Tile wall: First adjust the hammer to the impact punching file, install a suitable drill bit, turn on the power, and first press the switch to test whether it is in the impact punching file Then determine the location of the hole, make a mark, align the drill bit with the hole mark and gently press the switch to let the hammer rotate at a low speed (remember not to press the switch hard, press it lightly) When the tile wall has a cavity, you can apply a little more force Press the switch to make the speed a little faster. At this time, push hard to concentrate the power on the drill bit. At this point the tile should have been penetrated, you can press the switch firmly to the end, and let the hammer turn up at high speed until it hits the appropriate depth. The same is true for punching holes on the tile floor. At the beginning, keep in mind that the speed must be slow. Wait until there are holes in the tile, then slowly increase the speed, so that the punched tile will not break. Electric hammers are generally not allowed to punch holes in wood. If your electric hammer has the function of electric drill, you can punch holes in wood, but the premise is that you need to configure a drill chuck and a twist drill.
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