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How to improve the performance of Worksite electric tools

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-09
The title of Worksite power tools is sufficient to clarify the needs of the market: Worksite power tools need to provide high performance and be durable in normal use. This means that electronic products must also have strong adaptability, even when supplying continuous high currents. As far as battery-powered Worksite power tools are concerned, assuming that the battery life of the charging cycle is to be extended, it is necessary to efficiently control the battery power. More detailed and concise planning is the goal we seek.

There are many ways to control Worksite power tools:

Assuming that the Worksite power tools have traditional brushes, MOSFETs can be used to switch the current quickly, and then the available torque and the speed of the Worksite power tools can be dispatched. You can use a unique mechanical switch to reverse the connection of the Worksite electric tool to change the direction of rotation. The second MOSFET is usually used as a synchronous rectifier to circulate the Worksite power tool current when the second MOSFET is off. By adding a second pair of MOSFETs, the direction of rotation can be reversed without the use of mechanical switches. The four MOSFETs in the circuit use the H bridge method. There is no need to use Worksite power tool commutators and brushes, and the current in the winding can be switched electronically. This type of placement is called a Brushless DC Worksite Power Tool (BLDC), and it usually requires six MOSFETs placed with a three-phase bridge. By quickly switching the current in the winding, the speed of the Worksite power tool can be controlled. Although this solution is the most messy in the field of electronic products, it uses the simplest Worksite power tool method and has the following advantages: Because of the elimination of brushes and other components, its standards can bring high power and high reliability. By eliminating welding lines and choosing clip technology.
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