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How To Look After Your Cordless Drill And Maximize

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-09
A cordless drill is an excellent addition for your household tools, and if you take care of them the right way, you can maximize its life by following some very simple guidelines. When we talk about the life of the drill, it is usually the battery life we are talking about and there are many factors that can decrease battery life. It is important for you to know some key tips from cordless drill reviews that will make your cordless drills excellent value for money. Temperature High temperatures easily damage the battery. If you take a look at the Makita BDF452 model, you will notice the battery is just below the handle. Even though it is popping out quite visibly, it is meant to keep it as close to colder temperatures as possible. With continued usage at a time, the battery gets heated which minimizes its life and the ability to completely recharge itself. Also when you are recharging the drill, it will heat up too, so try to keep the recharge base in an open place where there is some wind or ventilation to keep it safely cool. Durability Although these models like the Makita cordless drills promise excellent durability but you cannot be too careless about its handling. They are durable to the extent that you can use them thoroughly and expect no wear and tear of the drill. However if you are not careful about where you place your drill and end up tripping it over from a great height then the housing can break. Since the base of the battery is heavy, it is quite likely that the battery will fall first which can tear it open and damage its life. Recharging Some people believe that to maximize the battery life of a cordless drill, you need to drain the charge completely before you put it on recharge. If you own a model that is or equivalent to a Makita BDF452HW then you don't need to worry about maintaining its battery life when recharging because the quality of the battery is really good. The lithium ion battery is an excellent quality battery that can recharge safely. Only remember that: Remember to replace the battery only when you intend to use it further When you are charging the extra battery, time it well so you do not over-charge the battery Over-charging the battery not only generates more heat but also decreases battery life When the speed of the drill begins to decrease, then you can switch batteries without worrying about damaging battery life Retain the casing A good cordless drill like the Makita cordless drills come with a plastic briefcase kind of casing that sets everything you need for the drill. Retain that case because it keeps the drill safe when it is not in use. Also even when you are going to use the drill at another place, pack it in the case and take it with you. You never know when the existing battery may run out of charge and you would require replacing them.
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