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How To Make $560 A Week With An Electric Drill

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-14
Four year ago my wife and I bought a new house after living in an apartment for almost 6 years. The house was in good shape, but needed a few minor repairs, so we hired a few handy men to do the work for us. The next day while I was at work my wife calls me a little scared telling me that the doorbell rang, but when she went to answer it she realized that we didn't have a peephole for her to see who it was outside the door, whereas when we lived in an apartment we had a peephole, so with her being home alone with our two younger kids 2 and 4 she was afraid to just open the door without really seeing who was outside. I told my wife that I would stop of at the hardware store on my way home from work and buy whatever I needed to install a peephole in the front door. I figured since I'm a little handy I could do it myself without having to hire someone to do it for us, so that's what I did. After work I drove to the nearest Home Depot, talked to a young fellow who worked there and asked for his help in finding what I needed to install a peephole in my front door. He told me it was an easy thing to do and that I would need an electric drill, if I didn't already have one, a 1/2 inch size drill bit and of course a peephole or door viewer as tradesmen like to call them these days. Now armed with everything I needed I went home to install a peephole in our front door. Following the instructions I was given by the young fellow at The Home Depot along with the instructions that came with the peephole I bought, I began the process of installing a peephole. Let me tell you it was the simplest thing to do and it only took me about 10 minutes, not bad for a peephole rookie. After I completed installing the peephole while I was cleaning up one of our neighbors came up to me and introduced herself and noticed what I had just done and asked if I would be willing to put a peephole in her front door if she paid me? I didn't want to be rude being new to the area, so I said sure, but it will have to be done this weekend. She said that was fine and ask me how much it would cost. I thought about it for a few seconds and said, I can do it for you for $20. She said great and told me which house was hers, said goodnight and went on her way. Saturday came and I took another trip to The Home Depot to buy another peephole to install in our neighbor Mary's front door. I arrived at Mary's house around 10 AM, knocked on her door and was welcomed in. I told Mary I would need a plug outlet to plug in my electric drill and that it would only take me about 10 minutes to install the peephole for her. After installing the peephole for Mary, she handed me $20 and told me thank you very much. I told her she was welcome and I headed home to watch some TV. The next day my doorbell rang and It was another neighbor of ours that we had not yet met. She introduced herself and then asked if I would be willing to install a peephole in her front door, just like I did for Mary. She said she would also pay me $20 to do the work. I asked her how she knew that I installed the peephole for Mary? She told me that Mary called her to come over and see her new peephole and that Mary also called 4 of her other friends to come over and see her new peephole. To make a long story short out of the 4 friends Mary called over 3 of them asked me to install a peephole for them, which I did that Sunday and made $60 for about an hours work. I don't know about you, but I've never made $60 for an hours work in my entire life, so this got me thinking of all the homes out there that don't have a peephole and all the money that could be made if I could reach those home owners, plus with crime as high as it is these days I would think people would be more than willing to pay $20 to have a peephole installed for safety reasons. For the next couple days I brain stormed on ways to advertise my peephole business along with looking online to find a wholesale supplier to buy my peepholes from to increase my profits. I did a search on eBay and found many sellers were I can buy brass peepholes in bulk packs of 10 for under $20, so I recomend using eBay to buy your peepholes and to save money. If you prefer to not buy your peepholes/door viwers online you can buy them individually at most home improvement stores for around $3-$5 or less each. I decided that since I wasn't a born salesman and wasn't comfortable knocking on doors, I would advertise my peephole business using flyers and newspaper ads and have customers call me to install a peephole for them. Here is an example of what my peephole business flyer looks like and the classified ad I use in the newspaper. Feel free to use them in your peephole installation business. CLASSIFIED AD EXAMPLE: Keep your family safe by having a peephole installed in your front door for only $20. Call Martin at (585) 338-7456 PEEPHOLE FLYER EXAMPLE: THE PEEPHOLE GUY Dear Home Owner, My name is Martin Buckley. I'm in your neighborhood this week installing peepholes and noticed that your front door doesn't have one. With crime as high as it is these days you can never be to careful and having a peephole installed will enable you to see who is at your front door before you open it. If you would like a peephole installed for just $20, please call me at (585) 338-7456 and I will come back at your convenience. Installation only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. THANK YOU! When it comes to distributing flyers, here is how I do it. I pick a street in a middle to upper income neighborhood. I park my car at one end of that street and with some flyers in my hand, I walk down one side of the street looking for houses that don't have a peephole and when I find one, I walk up to the front door and depending on the type of screen door there is, I will either roll the flyer up and slide it inside the door handle slot or if there's no place to put the flyer easily I will use a small piece of clear tape and tape the flyer to the frame of the door. I then continue to do this process until I reach the end of the street. I then head back towards my car, but I walk on the opposite side of the street repeating the process of looking for houses without peepholes and distributing my flyers. I do this process on 2 to 3 street a day and then just wait for customers to call me to install a peephole for them. I usually do a minimum of 6 peephole installations a day and at least one installation a day is from someone who called me after reading my flyer, so the flyer does help create business. Now, if your planning on knocking on doors to make sales then what you could simply do is drive slowly down a street and when you spot a house that doesn't have a peephole you could just park in their driveway and walk up to the front door, knock and see if anyone is home and present your offer. If you knock on someone's door and no one is home then having a flyer to leave would be a good idea as you don't want to have to come back to that house unless they want to have a peephole installed, this will just save you time and help you make more sales in the long run, but how you choice to handle things is up to you, I'm just providing you with what has worked for me. Also if you plan to do door to door sales you will need a sales script to use to offer people your peephole service. Now understand that not everyone is going to want you to install a peephole for them, so if someone says no, then just give them one of your flyers and let them know to call you if they change their mind. Here is a script you could use that was given to me by a friend who I taught how to start a peephole installation business and now he makes an income of over $30,000 a year installing peepholes. Here's the script he uses: Hi, my name is (your name) I'm with (your company name (optional) I'm in your neighborhood today installing peepholes and noticed you didn'thave one. These days you can't be to careful answering your door without knowing who's on the other side and a peephole helps you to do just that, protect yourself. If your interested, since I'm already in the area today, I can install one for you for only $20 and it will take me less than 10 minutes to do from start to finish. Would you like for me to installed one for you now? One thing you need to keep in mind when installing a peephole in someone's door is that not everyone is the same height. With most doors being 34' x 6'10' the standard placement of a peephole would be 17' down the from the top of the door and 17' in from both sides on the door, which would give you the exact center of the door, but not everyone is 6 feet tall, so you will need to adjust the placement of the peephole to accommodate all the adult members of the household. What I have created to save myself time is a standard size door template made out of Masonite with 1/2' drill holes going down the center of my door template every inch starting from 17' from the top center down to 34' up from the bottom of my door template. What you do with this door template is line it up evenly with your customers door and have the shortest person in the household stand in front of the template to see which hole is to their eye level, but don't drill the hole there instead drill the hole using the hole just above the one that was at the smallest persons eye level. This makes it so that not only can the smallest person in the house still be able to see out the peephole, but makes it so the tallest person in the household is still able to see out the peephole without having to bend down as far. Let's do an easy example of the profits that can be made by installing peepholes. Let's say you only install 6 peepholes a day for 5 days out of the week for $20 each that's $120 minus expenses of say $40 for the entire week to cover gas, flyers and your peepholes. This means you would be installing 30 peepholes for the week for a gross income of $600 minus $40 for expenses and that would leave you a net profit of $560. Now keep in mind this is a low figure as you could do more than 6 peephole installations in one day and you might also be able to charge more than $20 to install a peephole for someone, but this depends on your area and the market for homes that need peepholes. Well, this pretty much wraps it up. I hope you can see the opportunity before you and take the information I have provided you in this report and copy my success with the peephole installation business and put it into action and create your own success story. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have at:
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