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How to use electric screwdriver

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-27
Electric screwdriver is an electric screwdriver. It is a common tool used to tighten or loosen screws. However, electric screwdrivers are completely different from ordinary screwdrivers. It is driven by electricity, so it is used. There are many precautions that need to be paid attention to during the process. Today I will share the use of electric screwdrivers.    1. Preparation before use:    1. Check whether the voltage is normal.    2. Equipped with a screwdriver head according to the shape of the screw being locked.    3. Adjust the torque of the locked product.    2. How to use electric screwdriver:    1. When connecting or removing the screwdriver head, push the screwdriver cap upward with your fingertips.    2. Insert the power supply and set the switch to the 'F' position, install the screwdriver head, and adjust the position of the torque section required for the locking screw in advance.    3. Press the switch by hand to start, press the button puller to its own direction, and then the switch will turn on to start the motor and start to operate the lock screw. When the screw lock exceeds the set torque, the clutch will automatically slip, the screwdriver head stops rotating, and the operation is completed.   4. When the switch pressure plate is released by hand, the power of the screwdriver will be turned off and the motor will stop working, so the repeated operation can continue to be used. If the screw is to be loosened, the switch should be placed in the 'R' position, which can be completed according to the above operation.    5. The adjustment torque is adjusted by the torque adjustment ring at the bottom. The number of segments of the body itself does not represent the output torque value, which is expressed by a torque meter.    6. The relationship between the number of screwdriver head adjustment torque and its own output torque.    In short, the electric screwdriver is driven by electricity, so during the use process, you must pay more attention to its use methods and skills to ensure that it will not be damaged and maximize the work efficiency!
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