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How to use the charging drill

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-09
1. Handling of rechargeable batteries Removal method of the rechargeable electric drill battery: hold the handle tightly, and then push the battery latch to remove the battery. Rechargeable battery installation: Confirm the positive and negative poles before inserting the battery. The picture is provided by the registered user 'Juzi de Dian Tang', copyright statement feedback 2. Charging Insert the rechargeable battery into the charger correctly, at 20 ℃, about 1h can be fully charged. Note that the rechargeable battery has a temperature control switch inside. The battery will be powered off and cannot be charged when it exceeds 45°C. It can be charged after cooling. 3. Before operation a. Bit loading and unloading. Install the drill bit: After inserting the bit, drill bit, etc. into the chuck of the switchless drill, hold the ring firmly and tighten the sleeve back (clockwise from the bottom). During operation, if the sleeve becomes loose, please tighten the sleeve again. When tightening the sleeve, the tightening force will become stronger and stronger. Disassemble the drill bit: hold the ring firmly and loosen the sleeve to the left (from the front, counterclockwise). b. Check the steering. When the selector handle is set to the R position, the drill bit rotates clockwise (as viewed from behind the charging drill), and when the selector handle is set to L, the drill bit rotates counterclockwise (as viewed from behind the charging drill), 'R' , 'L' symbol is marked on the machine body. Note: When replacing the rotation speed with the rotary knob, make sure that the power switch is turned off. If the rotation speed is changed while the motor is rotating, the gears will be damaged. 4. How to use When using a charging drill, the drill bit cannot be stuck. If it gets stuck, turn off the power immediately, otherwise the motor or rechargeable battery will burn out. 5. Maintenance and precautions When the drill bit is stained, wipe it with a soft cloth or a damp cloth moistened with soapy water. Do not use chlorine solution, benzine, or thinner to prevent the plastic parts from melting. The charging drill should be stored in a place where the temperature is below 40°C and cannot be reached by minors. What are the precautions for charging drills 1. Please charge at 10~40℃. If the temperature is lower than 10℃, it may cause overcharging, which is extremely dangerous. 2. The charger is equipped with a safety protection device. When the rechargeable battery is full, it will automatically cut off the power supply and can be used with confidence. 3. Do not allow impurities to enter the connection hole of the charger. 4. Do not disassemble the rechargeable battery and charger. 5. Do not short circuit the rechargeable battery. When the rechargeable battery is short-circuited, it will cause a large current to overheat and burn out the rechargeable battery. 6. Do not throw the rechargeable battery into the water. The rechargeable battery will explode when heated. 7. When drilling holes in walls, floors or ceilings, please check whether there are buried wires in these places. 8. Do not insert objects into the vents of the charger. Inserting metal objects or flammable and explosive objects into the vents of the charger will cause electric shock or damage the charger. 9. Do not use a generator or DC power supply to charge the rechargeable battery. 10. Do not use unspecified batteries, and do not connect designated dry batteries, rechargeable batteries, or car batteries to this tool. 11. Please charge the battery indoors. The charger and battery will be slightly warm during charging, so it must be charged in a cool place with low temperature and good ventilation. 12. Lightly charge the power tool before use. 13. Please use the specified charger. Do not use unspecified chargers to avoid danger. 14. Be sure to use the charger under the voltage conditions specified on the nameplate.
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