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How to use the impact hand drill of power tools

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-05

The impact hand drill is based on rotary cutting, and has an electric tool with an impact mechanism that relies on the thrust of the operator to produce impact. It is suitable for drilling masonry, concrete and other materials. The following questions should be paid attention to when using and protecting impact hand drills accurately.

1. Operation

(1) Before operation, check whether the power supply is consistent with the additional 220V voltage that is customary on electric tools to reduce the wrong connection to the 380V power supply.

(2) Before using the impact drill, please carefully check the body protection, auxiliary handle and ruler, etc., whether the machine has loose screws.

(3) The percussion electric drill is fitted with alloy steel percussion bits or general-purpose drilling bits of the permitted size between φ6-25MM according to the data request. The use of drill bits that exceed the scale is prohibited.

(4) The wire of the impact drill should be well protected. It is forbidden to drag the wires all over the floor to reduce the damage and cut, and reduce the dragging of the wires into the oil and water, which will corrode the wires.

Two, protection and conservation

(1) The electrician will regularly replace the carbon brush of the impact drill and check the tension spring pressure.

(2) Protect the whole body of the impact drill and clean and dirt, so that the impact drill can rotate smoothly.

(3) The personnel should check whether the parts of the electric drill are damaged regularly, and replace the severe and unusable parts in time.

(4) Timely replenish the screw fasteners of the body that are lost from the body during work.

(5) Regularly check the bearings, gears and cooling fan blades of the transmission part, and add lubricating oil to the rotating parts to extend the service life of the electric drill.

(6) After using it, return the electric drill to the tool warehouse for safekeeping. Reduce overnight storage in the personal stuff cabinet.
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