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How to use the model characteristics of Worksite

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-07
Vibration polishing machine:

Vibration polishing machine has high frequency vibration, so that the work object is closely and evenly mixed with grinding stones or steel balls, abrasives, etc., and rolls in a spiral eddy current to grind and cut or polish the surface of the work object, especially those that are easily deformed or have complex shapes. The work in the dead corner of the hole can be ground with this machine to obtain uniform quality, and it can be sampled at any time during the processing operation, saving time and improving quality; the material selection area is equipped with a switch gate, filter screen, etc. The grinding material is separated, easy to select materials, and simple to operate.

   Features of vibration polishing machine:

  1. The vibration polishing machine adopts the world's advanced spiral tumbling flow and three-dimensional vibration principle to make the parts and the rolling and polishing abrasive grind each other to achieve a polishing effect.

  2. The vibration polishing machine is suitable for the grinding and polishing of large quantities of medium, small and size parts, which improves the work efficiency by 6 to 10 times and saves about 1/3 of the cost.

  3, the vibration polishing machine does not destroy the original size and shape of the parts during the vibration grinding and polishing process.

  4. The vibration polishing machine can realize automation and unmanned operation, and it is easy to operate. During the working process, the processing conditions of the parts can be checked at any time.

  5. Model A vibration polishing machine can automatically separate the abrasive from the workpiece, realize automatic material selection, and save labor costs.

   barrel polishing machine

product manual:

It adopts a horizontal rotary barrel. The barrel has different functions. The inner barrel is covered with PU glue, which is resistant to acid and alkali, abrasion resistance, and can prevent workpiece collision; there is no covering lining in the barrel, suitable for steel balls Or steel products, because the cutting force can be strengthened to promote greater effects; the barrel can be rotated at will, with an appropriate slope, and it is convenient to feed.

Features of    barrel grinding and polishing machine:

   is the simplest, most convenient model and the most economical polishing machine in the grinding and polishing machine series.

   This machine is suitable for forging, casting and sand-finding work with strong cutting power; the grinding work is aimed at removing black film, blackheads and fine grinding, chamfering and polishing.

   barrel grinding and polishing machine is divided into hexagonal/octagonal barrel grinding and polishing machine, right angle barrel grinding and polishing machine, olive type barrel grinding and polishing machine.

Features and uses of Worksite electric tools

1. The electric drill is a single-insulation handheld electric drill, which has the advantages of safety, reliability, reasonable structure, advanced technology, fast speed, high efficiency, and convenient maintenance. It must comply with IEC international safety standards, GB3883.1 'Safety of Handheld Power Tools' and GB5580 'Electric Drill' standards.

The structure of the household multi-function electric hand drill series: the process has been greatly improved, especially in terms of safety. It absorbs the advantages of foreign power tools and combines the advantages of manufacturers. Hand electric drills are widely used for metal drilling. It is also suitable for drilling wood and plastic.

2. Introduction of main structure:

(1) Motor; single-phase series motor for self-ventilation protection. The insulation is class E. The stator and armature wires are made of high-strength polyester enameled round copper wires, and have been specially insulated to ensure reliable quality. All wiring adopts special structure and good contact. The commutator is made of trapezoidal copper bar, with thermosetting plastic and mica sheet as the insulating medium. Thermosetting engineering plastics are pressed between the electrode shaft and the iron core. The casing and handle cover of the 6, 10, 13mm electric drills are made of thermoplastic engineering plastics. The 19, 23mm electric drills are equipped with plastic bushings in the aluminum shell to form a double insulation structure. .

(2) Switch: an electric drill switch with a manual quick cut-off and self-locking device.

(3) Capacitor: A capacitor is installed in the handle of the anti-interference electric drill, which can suppress the interference of the tool to the wireless power and TV.

(4) Gearbox: The case and the middle cover are made of aluminum alloy die-cast by the original factory, which is strong and durable. The gear is a modified gear and is not easy to wear after high-frequency heat treatment.

(5) Power cord and plug: a three-core flexible cord with a three-wire plug. One end of the power cord is fitted with an insulating sheath outside the casing to protect the cord, and the other end is connected to the plug holder and then pressed into the plastic (rubber). Made into non-removable power plug, safe and reliable.

(6) Drill chuck: Three-jaw drill chuck (or threaded drill chuck) is used for 6, 10, 13 mm. When using a three-jaw drill chuck, please clear the inner hole of the drill chuck and the surface of the drill shaft. Prohibited objects. Including anti-rust wax, etc., and then install the chuck drill on the shaft to use.

This hand electric drill is suitable for home decoration and can be made by DIY. Very practical.
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