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Impact drill correct use method and maintenance skills

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-24
Impact drills mainly rely on rotation and impact to work. It has the characteristics of safe and reliable operation, easy to use, flexible and powerful. In order to ensure the normal work for a long time, we need to master the correct operation method and maintenance skills, let's take a look together. Instructions:    1. Before operation, you must check whether the power supply is consistent with the conventional rated 220V voltage on the power tool, so as not to be mistakenly connected to the 380V power supply.    2. Before using the impact drill, please carefully check the body insulation protection, auxiliary handle and depth ruler adjustment, etc., whether the machine has loose screws.    3. The impact drill wire should be well protected. It is strictly forbidden to drag on the ground to prevent rolling and cutting, and it is forbidden to drag the wire into oily water to prevent the oily water from corroding the wire.    4. The percussion drill must be loaded into alloy steel percussion drills or perforated universal drills in the allowable range between φ 6-25MM according to the material requirements. It is strictly forbidden to use drills beyond the scope.    5. When changing the drill bit, use the special wrench and drill key to prevent the hammer drill from being hit by non-special tools.    6. When using an impact drill, remember not to use excessive force or skew operation. Be sure to install a suitable drill bit and adjust the depth scale of the impact drill beforehand. The vertical and balanced operations must be applied with a uniform force. Do not use an oversized drill forcibly. 7. The power socket of the impact drill must be equipped with a leakage switch device, and check whether the power cord is damaged. When it is found that the impact drill has leakage, abnormal vibration, high heat or abnormal sound, it should stop working immediately and find an electrician to check and repair in time .    8. Proficiency in and operation of forward and backward steering control mechanisms, tightening screws and drilling and tapping functions. maintenance:    1. Regularly check whether the components of the hand drill are damaged by professionals, and replace the damaged ones that can no longer be used in time.    2. A professional electrician regularly replaces the carbon replacement brush of the impact drill and checks the spring pressure.    3. Timely add the body screw fasteners lost on the fuselage during the operation.    4. To ensure that the whole body of the impact drill is intact and clean and to remove dirt, to ensure smooth movement of the impact drill.    5. Regularly check whether the bearings, gears and cooling blades of the transmission part are flexible and intact, and add lubricating oil to the rotating parts in time to prolong the service life of the hand electric drill.    6. After use, return the electric drill to the tool storehouse in a safe place. Do not store overnight in a personal tool cabinet.   When using impact drills, many users use impact drills as electric drills, which not only cannot achieve the working effect, but also affects the service life of the drill bit. Therefore, when using it, it is necessary to operate according to the correct use method to avoid the loss caused by improper operation.
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