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Inspection and precautions before using electric tools

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-10
As a live product, power tools should not be used carelessly. Zolton Tools has made the following summary, hoping to help everyone who uses power tools.

1. First, open the tool packaging box and carefully check whether there is a product manual. If so, please carefully check the product manual enclosed in the power tool packaging box, especially the precautions mentioned in the manual.

2. Carefully check the power tool manual and tool label in the package box to check what power source the power tool uses, whether it is three-phase power or two-phase power, 380V or 220V, if it is plugged in incorrectly, it will cause the power tool burn!

3. Check carefully how much power the power tool is, and whether the existing power supply can be driven. If the existing power supply cannot be driven, the wires will burn out and even cause a fire!

4. Confirm before inserting the power tool plug into the socket. Check the power tool switch to see if it is in the off position. If the switch of the power tool is in the open position, it is very dangerous to plug the plug into the socket, and accidents such as damage to the tool and injury may occur. must be careful!

5. Special attention: If the power tool requires a ground wire, connect the ground wire. Especially for electric tools stored in a damp warehouse for a long time, use a shaker to check for leakage.

6. Please also note that if you want to try the power tool, do not install the relevant cutting accessories. After the power-on test runs normally, turn off the power, and then install the cutting accessories for testing. Before installing the cutting parts, check whether the specifications of the cutting parts are correct and whether there are quality problems.

7. Finally, when testing power tools, wear insulated shoes and wear a mask if necessary. At the same time, it’s best to have a second person nearby to help you open the gate when there is a problem in the test program and provide timely assistance.
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