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Introduction of electric air pump

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-04
An electric air pump is an air pump that uses electric power to input compressed air to generate air pressure. Electricity is used to rotate the impeller to draw air into the pump. These air pumps are commonly used in aquariums, ponds and vacuum cleaners. They operate in a relatively low-pressure environment, and the air flow is continuous operation in the air pump. The electric air pump is a free-flowing pump with little or no back pressure. Working process of electric air pump The operation mode of the electric air pump is the same as other air pumps, but the difference is that it is powered only by the power supply. They can be used with impeller vane, vane or diaphragm pump designs. Electricity is used to generate vacuum suction inside the pump, thereby absorbing air in the atmosphere. The air is compressed and pushed into the required chambers, such as balloons, tires, air cushions, etc. The power source can be powered by a domestic power supply or an internal battery DC power supply. These pumps are usually equipped with pressure gauges and automatic switches. The pressure gauge can help us determine the pressure in the chamber and provide the feedback signal to the controller. Once the required pressure condition is reached, the feedback signal will turn off the air pump through the controller. How to choose an electric air pump Let us now look at the various factors to consider when choosing an electric air pump. Type of operation-First we have to decide whether to use a manual pump or an automatic pump. Manual pumps are cheaper, but require manual operation. The operation of the automatic pump does not require manual intervention, but it is more expensive than the manual pump. Power requirements – We must consider the power requirements of the pump. If they are fixed in one position, they are usually powered by a socket. Portable air pumps are usually powered by batteries, and the rated voltage is generally 12V or 24V. The battery-powered inflation pump must be charged with enough electricity to last long enough to complete the inflation process. Air nozzles-There are some air pumps with replaceable hoses. Different air nozzles can be replaced according to our requirements, and the air nozzles of some air pumps cannot be replaced. We need to choose the right electric air pump according to our needs. Flow rate-We need to choose a pneumatic pump with the appropriate flow rate to operate according to our needs. To make tires or balloons inflate faster, we need high-flow pumps. Flow rate is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Power cord-We need to choose the length and connection type of the power cord according to our usage scenario. Because in very few operations, a long power cord is required to keep the water away from the pump. application Let us study various applications of electric air pumps. Inflate vehicle tires-It is generally recommended that those who travel frequently carry an electric air pump. Air pumps can sometimes save time, money and labor. Vacuum cleaner-used to suck the air on the suction side, and at the same time suck the dust particles into the dust box to clean the floor. Aeration purpose-used to aerate the water in the aquarium and small pond with the help of bubble stones to achieve the purpose of supplementing oxygen. Inflate other inflatable products-In our daily life, there are many products in our family that need to be inflated, such as balloons, air cushions, inflatable tents, swimming rings, etc. Electric air pumps can also be applied to these products
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