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Is Worksite an OBM?
To be an OBM, it requires the enterprise to creates its own brand with premium manufacturing capability and optimal marketing skills. Worksite Tool Limited has reached a high annual output. The products Worksite makes is in strict line with international standards. They are debugged and operated to be in the best status. What's more, we are endowed with extensive marketing knowledge, which helps us to promote our products on a large scale. We are responsible for everything including production and development, supply chain, delivery and marketing.

Worksite is becoming more competitive in manufacturing and marketing best hand grinder in today's fierce market competition. Worksite's cordless power tools series are created based on unremitting efforts. The design of WORKSITE cordless brushless impact driver is completed by our renowned designers who try to realize innovative sanitary ware, functionally and aesthetically speaking. The product is especially useful for all kinds of site works. Over the years we have developed increased competence in the establishment of grinder tool. The product has gone through repeated tests to make sure it's safe for operators.

The outstanding quality of grinder tool is always our ultimate goal. Ask!
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