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Maintenance method of electric drill:

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-03
Loosen several self-tapping screws or screws outside the electric drill. Horizontally lift half of the shell and see what's inside. Generally, the structure of the new hand drill is semi-embedded, that is, all the mechanical and electrical components are installed in the other half of the casing. Carefully remove the carbon brush first, then remove the end of the drill chuck, then gently lift the motor to remove the rotor (do not damage the enameled wire), wipe the commutator on the rotor (the one that is in contact with the carbon brush), if it is too dirty Or the wear is severe, it can be polished with emery cloth and then polished with water sandpaper or metallographic sandpaper until it is bright. If the front and rear bearings of the rotor are sealed, the outside can be wiped clean. If the seal is broken, it should be replaced in time. Wipe the helical gear shaft in front of the rotor, clean the oil inside the housing, clean the helical gear on the drill chuck rod, and the bearings (or bushings) at both ends Install the rotor first; then install the chuck rod helical gear; install the carbon brush, if the carbon brush is shorter than 7-8 mm, it should be replaced in time. The carbon brush should be installed and flattened. Finally, find a little 'Mobil' or 'Shell' grease between the gear pair and the bearing (or bushing). , Tighten the screw, turn it by hand and feel no stuck, then you can turn on the power.
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