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Maintenance of electric drills

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-14
A hand drill is a tool that we often need in our lives. It is a relatively common power tool. If you are using a hand drill, it suddenly breaks. What should you do? The most prone to failure of the hand drill is its two parts, the motor and the armature winding. The following lists some common faults and their repair methods. Motor failure repair The failure of the motor is usually manifested as: after the power is turned on, the motor does not respond, causing the electric drill to not work normally; or the motor rotates slower and slower, causing the impact force of the hand electric drill to decrease and cannot work normally; in addition, the failure of the motor also appears as the motor The noise is too loud when working, and the electric drill can't shake. These will cause the hand drill to malfunction and affect its normal work. The first type of failure, the motor does not work properly, the electric drill body should be disassembled, check whether the fuse is blown or the power cord is blown, if there is such a problem, the fuse or power cord should be replaced immediately; it may also be due to the armature winding If the stator winding is damaged, the winding must be replaced or repaired; it may also be due to bearing rust, which should be lubricated or derusted. The second type of failure, the motor speed slows down, which is caused by the severe wear of the brushes and should be replaced immediately. The third type of fault, the motor noise is too large, this is still due to the wear of the brush or the bearing, which requires the brush and the bearing to be replaced. Armature winding maintenance The armature winding is a very important component of the hand drill, and its damage will cause the hand drill not to work properly. Common faults are short circuit and short circuit of the armature winding. The armature winding is short-circuited. This is due to the damage of the insulation surface layer of the adjacent coil in the coil of the armature winding, which results in the coil being unable to be energized, thereby affecting the normal operation. Therefore, when it is found that the coil is damaged or the surface insulation material of the turn is damaged, we should replace the coil in time to maintain the normal operation of the armature winding. The short-circuit problem of the armature winding is more complicated than the short-circuit problem. Because of the short-circuit condition, we can determine whether the insulation material of the turns on the coil surface is damaged, but the open circuit problem cannot. We can use a universal measuring table to detect, if the resistance value between the two commutators is greater than the normal parameters, then there must be a disconnection between the coils between the two commutators, and this Replace the coil.
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