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Makita Cordless Drill

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-09
Any self-respecting diy enthusiast will know their work can be made so much easier by having specific power tools in their arsenal, but owning a Makita cordless drill means owning one of the top brands when it comes to power tools, and specifically cordless power tools. Cordless drills from Makita not only simplify the task at hand, but also guarantee you durability and strength when it's needed. It really is easy to understand how Makita has got to the top of the pile when it comes to cordless tools; after all, they've been in business for over ninety years. You don't remain open that long without knowing a thing or two about your area of expertise! Over the years their tools have evolved into cutting-edge pieces of great craftsmanship. They have reached a stage whereby nowadays their tools weigh less, while packing more punch than most of their rival's comparable tools. This is due in no small part to the extensive, and exhaustive, research and testing standards the company carry out and incorporate into all of their products. Makita cordless drillThis has really been the cornerstone to their success - a Makita cordless drill means quality, and this quality has derived from Makita's ability to go that extra mile in pursuit of perfection. For example, only premium grade steel is ever used for their parts, and many of these are heat treated to extend both reliability and performance. Another example of this quality assurance found in a Makita cordless drill is the fact that the motor undergoes over twenty different stage tests in its production! It is actually debatable as to whether any other brand of cordless drill goes through the research and testing that a Makita cordless drill does. Of course, cordless drills are cordless for a reason - the freedom to maneuver whilst working without having the worry that you may or may not end up entangling yourself (often with dire consequences) in the extension cord. A good cordless drill, therefore, should have a battery that is able to take the load placed on it, while simultaneously lasting a long time between charges. Makita comes out trumps in the battery department, with battery sizes ranging from 9v right up to 24v. Even the lower range batteries still pack a better punch the nearly all of their rivals lower-range voltage drills. Owning a Makita cordless drill means you can use the device for an assortment of jobs. The smaller sets geared more toward the diy-er can handle most jobs around the house with consummate ease, while the larger incarnations which are geared toward the professional sphere are sturdy, rugged and durable, able to handle anything thrown at it. At the end of the day, if you're looking for a reliable tool that you can use either at home or out on the job, a Makita cordless drill is the choice for you.
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